Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Quick Reader Poll

1. If you found yourself in a lucid dream, what things would you do/try to do? (and if you lucid dream regularly, what types of things do you do in them?)
2. How often do you lucid dream?
3. What tips you off that you are dreaming?
4. Do you ever recognize that you are dreaming, but not completely, or forget the fact soon after?

Please reply by commenting!

My answers:
1. I usually go flying. Sometimes I try to talk to the other people in my dreams to get them to divulge secrets and important information. On a rare occasion I try to find a hot guy.

2. A few times a month, sometimes more sometimes less.

3. Lighting issues or a feeling that I might be dreaming that I check out by scratching my arms and finding that they feel rather numb. Sometimes, noticing that I'm getting mired in doing little tasks that take forever will tip me off and I'll make an effort to go do other things.

4. Yes, one time I even questioned if I was dreaming, decided that I was not, and cursed myself when I woke up later. Often I'll recognize that I'm dreaming and take more control of what I am up to, but not really think about the fact that I'm dreaming otherwise. Lately, it's become a more natural state of being, rather than being a big deal. Just like I don't walk around typically thinking "I'm awake, these are the types of things I can do" but rather, I recognize that I'm awake, or check if I'm awake occasionally (to help with lucid dream recognition), but I don't walk around for the rest of my day thinking about that. I just go about going about things.


Robin said...

1. I also usually fly. Actually, I don't really fly so much as glide, but still... Often times I find myself sort of "waking up" in dreams, especially stressful ones. Its not quite the same as lucid dreaming, but it usually allows me to change the situation or environment that is causing stress.
2. Not very often. I haven't even remembered a dream for a few months. I know I've been dreaming a good deal lately, but the dreams seem to slide out my ear when I lift my head off the pillow.
3. Swirly melting walls, flying, copy-machines that produce three dimensional objects, narrative voice-overs, psychic communication, etc. I often get tipped off due to incongruous transitions between a first and third person perspective of the events of the dream.
4. Sort of... usually realizing that I'm dreaming will wake me up after several moments. At the most, I'll be lucid for maybe three "scenes" or "acts" of the dream before waking. The one exception of this are my recurrent indigestion dreams. Over the last three years, whenever I get a stomach ache in my sleep, I'll start dreaming about some extremely tedious task at work. I've gotten to the point that I can recognize this happening and stop myself from working and dream about something else. I once asked my boss for reimbursement for the hours I logged in my sleep. He didn't take the request as seriously as I did.

zenith said...

1. I like to have emotionally taut fantasy adventures, if I can swing it. Not sure how to describe these briefly--usually there's some kind of quest/mission I have to accomplish, and some kind of terrible emotional complication for me. I'm not sure if the dreams are 100% lucid--some things in them are out of my control, like the color of the sky--which is always exactly the bright gold that you find in July in Alaska at about 12 AM.

2. Rarely. Robin's answer to #1 is familiar--usually I can sort of shift the tone or make the dream safer if it gets really scary, but it's rare I have outright control.

3. The fact that there's some kind of romantic subplot, usually, that is too cinematic to be true (usually involving emphatic expressions of dislike, a la every adventure couple in every movie ever).

4. All the time.