Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Islands, with a short cut bridge fail

My car had broken down and I didn't want to wait to repair it. My friend J came along in an old volvo and picked up my boy cat and me. I convinced J to drive a shortcut back to the island I was trying to get back to via a tiny, makeshift bridge-road, rather than the big bridge that would go far out of the way and add an hour to the drive. And so she drove down the tiny bridge and almost drove off of it, but stopped in time to catch the car, backed up, and then drove a bit farther and did drive off of it. The car disappeared as it fell and the three of us plunged into the water, feet first, straight down, about 12 feet to near the bottom.

Boy-cat was near my head, floating down with me, looking annoyed at the situation. So as soon as I had less downward momentum, I pushed him upwards towards the surface, and then we all swam up, and I put him on my shoulders and we started swimming across the water, towards the far off island still. (Boy-cat appreciated the push and being on my shoulders. The water was a comfortable temperature, cats just don't like swimming...)

The drop through the water looked sort of like this... but underwater...

Sunday, December 16, 2012


In the middle of a much longer, fairly involved dream, I ended up in a public bathroom... possibly at a college or high school. I was in a large stall that was three toilet-stalls big... which was awkward, but not really. None of us were actively using the toilets. I was on the left (with my back to the toilet, front to the stall door) and directly to my right, a man was sitting in a wheelchair, and to his right, there were two women chatting in the third "stall" area. I had to go over to where the two women were, so I did that and grabbed something (maybe a roll of tp) and then went back to my space.  I said something to the fellow in the middle to excuse climbing over him, and he said something back. He was strapped into a sleek, but basic wheelchair, was dressed in a fairly goth style, and some goth music, maybe Sisters of Mercy or similar, radiated out from him. I felt strongly attracted to him, and needed to talk to him more.