Saturday, February 16, 2008

A little clip, barely remembered from last night

I was watching a man who had been captured by soldiers. The soldiers were dressed in a semi-futuristic barbarian look with hints of roman times. There were a lot of tans and browns. It was a misty day. I knew the man was going to escape shortly. I knew that the soldiers were going to be attacked and in the confusion he would get away.

They were getting ready to march, and to keep the man from being able to run away while traveling, they were loading him down with supplies to carry. They gave him a large pack to carry over his left shoulder, some rope, two canteens and a futuristic flashlight to throw over his right shoulder and a bag of food to fill up his right hand. He was supposed to hold onto a rope with his right hand, and he was surrounded by soldiers. Each item the soldiers gave him to load him down made me happier as I knew they would be useful to him after he escaped.


zenith said...

I love how your brain turns it around at the end to something powerfully hopeful.

Mimsy Buttons said...

Nah, it was hopeful from the beginning, because I knew what was going to happen. I was also somewhat willing those things to be given to him.