Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ice Pond

I was in a place similar to my college campus. I was walking upstairs in the main administration building - an early 1900's brick building like those on Ivy League campuses. The building was maybe 6 flights tall and the top 3 flights held a fancy cutting-edge (for the late 1940s) swimming pool and ice rink. Each floor had it's own giant pool with warm water and a water slide that connected the pools for swimmers.

I walked up to the top floor, and into the pool room. My clothes changed from winter gear to a one-piece swimsuit. I met with Eli and his friend Mark who were already swimming. They were getting ready to take the slide down to a lower level. I looked out over the pool. Because it was the top flight, it was open to the sky. At this (the east) end it was a warm swimming pool, but out at the far west end it was frozen over on top and people were skating. There were pine trees and doug firs, and a nice coating of snow over the land.

I swam for a little bit, but then Eli and Mark found a leak on the edge of the pool where it was very shallow, before the floor slanted down in a beach-like manner to a swimming depth. It was near the entrance to the slide. Water was draining into it at a fast rate, but the pool kept refilling. We alerted some of the people who took care of the pool. They asked me to walk out to the leak and see how strong it was. It created strong suction. They decided that it was going to take a major repair job. They turned off the refill function so the pool would drain to below the level of the leak.

As the pool drained, its heaters also shut down, so that the ice of the frozen part of the pool/pond spread out over most of the pool, only stopping about 20 feet out from the pool's slanting entrance. The trees and snow appeared along the pool, on the other side. The pool's entrance and the wall of the building stayed the same on our side of the pool. Three little girls, about 9 or 10 years old, came skating closer. I wondered how strong the ice was since it had just formed over previously warm water. I also wondered how the warm pool and ice skating pond had functioned together previously. I decided to go elsewhere. I walked through the room to the other door off the building's hall (no where near as far west as the icy pond stretched) but when I went to exit, there was a small red dragon sleeping belly-up in the doorway. I didn't want to bother it, so I backtracked to the door I had originally entered through. Something in the hall almost distracted me from where I was going, and I briefly noted that I was dreaming. This alerted me to not getting distracted by things so that I could have more adventures rather than getting bogged down in some odd dream details.

I went straight across the hall to a new stairway (I had entered the building via the stairway at the other end of the hall where the dragon was in the way, but I had entered the room through the door at this end). This stairway was a bit more narrow than the first (which was about 4 people wide) maybe 2 people wide, made of old marble, except the banisters which were dark wood, and the walls were a milky yellow. The stairs went half a floor, to a landing and then switchbacked, and another half a floor to the next level down, the whole way. I skipped down the stairs just past the first switchback and then stopped. I decided that since I was dreaming I shouldn't waste my time walking down stairs and instead I should go back to the window/balcony entrance at the landing and jump out and fly somewhere. I went back up the few stairs and started opening the door, but my alarm clock woke me up.

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