Monday, April 28, 2014

The Dragon

I somehow ended up with a ticket to see a big show in a stadium. I wasn't particularly interested in the show, which was supposed to be a guy lecturing, so as I sat in my seat I contemplated leaving and scalping my ticket. The show was starting though, and the ticket had been a gift, so I determined to stay it out. I was in a high up balcony seat, from which I couldn't even see much of the court floor, but there were giant tv screens hanging over the court floor, which were starting to flash bright flashes of light as part of the intro show.

That didn't last long, and the next thing I knew, I was "backstage" in an old stone mansion, in a small room with a couple other people who had seen the show, an 11 or 12 year old boy, and The Dragon himself, who had just given the talk/show. The young boy expressed total disinterest in being there, and climbed out of the one window, ostensibly onto the roof. (At a later point in the dream, that I don't recall how it fit in to the plot, I went around the stone mansion, and on that side of the house, just below some windows, there was a deep, rushing river, which concerned me for the boy, but then I realized we'd been another level up where there was roof that he could have gone out on and safely reached the front of the house from.)  I stayed, and gave The Dragon a lookover, which was fairly easy, as we were all in this small room, and The Dragon was only wearing black boxer-briefs.  He was a beautiful man with a long brown ponytail and about 80% of his body was scars and recovering skin from having been burned. His actual dragon had burned him, mostly in one incident. He had been a very outgoing, wealthy, dragon man until his major burns, and now he was shyer and more retiring. But he was beautiful and had amazing eyes and we stared at each other for a long time.

Then we started courting lightly. Days went by, it was snowy out, and I ran into him skiing off towing a sled to go a mall to shop for gifts for me. A strange dream aside occurred with a flash to a cartoon-scene in which Cinderella was polishing a large throne/statue with prophesies carved into it, and as she polished it, it changed from a prediction of something about me or The Dragon, into a definite message of marriage between us. Cartoon Cinderella got all excited and rushed about to see if all of the messages on the chair had changed - which they had. Back to my realistic-style dream, I ran into The Dragon at a kitchen store, where he was having a set of copper pots boxed up. He handed me a light but large and unwieldy box to hold, and I fell on my back under it, and we had a good laugh. I compared myself awkwardly to a particular pixie girl on tv who does things like that. He didn't show signs of liking me less.

In a later scene that I watched as if watching a movie, he was back in his stone mansion, and his advisor, or dragon-hand, talked to him about something to be cautious about, and The Dragon's eyes flashed and became large round purple-blue dragon eyes for a moment.

At other points in the dream, somewhere in the middle of it, my cats were around, but I had my boy-cat and then a female version of him, rather than both of my cats. I had to let them each in off a roof through a window with 4 or 5 screen coverings. I also discovered an extra room or two in my home.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Full Anxiety, March 26/27

I had a lot of dreams, mostly full of anxiety themes.

In the only non-anxiety-filled one I had moved to a new giant apartment, on a commune, and was working on getting moved in and preparing for some house guests who knew me, but who I couldn't figure out where I knew them from (but it wasn't really a problem). After they arrived, they teased me that I didn't know where they knew me from, and I finally admitted that it was true. They filled me in that they had known my dad when he had an apartment in a big city. They were neighbors and hung out one day when he put out an old television on the front steps, selling it for $15.

In the next dream, I was at a dentist's office to have an operation to have a tooth on the upper right side of my mouth removed. They were giving me a giant dive-mask like thing to breath from to calm me, which was fine, but the procedure itself was said to be very dangerous, because it was a special tooth with special nerve endings. One of my friends, DO-W, who is a professor in waking life, was a dental assistant but she kept being elsewhere. The dentist kept turning on this exploratory drill and pointing at things in my mouth with it, and then setting it down on the chair I was in, which had a sheet over it like a doctor's table, and he would leave the drill on, so it would keep spinning and catch itself up in the sheet. 

I had another dream that I was back at my old college, on the first day of a new term and it was 10 minutes till I was supposed to be in a 2 hour long course. I was trying to eat a lunch first, because I also had another class at 3, but I quickly gave up on eating. Then it was about 5 minutes to class time, and I realized that I didn't know where the class was, so I tried looking it up and asking some campus people for help, but no one could figure out. And then I ran around campus trying to figure out if I could find the class before it started. And then I wondered if I should even bother taking "Orientalist Literature" but I figured I should at least try going to the first day, because maybe it would be cool, and we would be reading amazing books, and I should make an informed decision.

Then I had another short one between snooze alarms, but now I can't recall it.