Thursday, December 3, 2009

Guest Blogger: Katie and the Angry Koala

After a long hiatus, I have invited a guest blogger to help revitalize the dlog. Readers, I give you Katie:

Why are nap dreams always the oddest and most vivid? This morning's nap dream (yes, I've already taken a nap this morning) involved abandoned children's play equipment, a pack of my friends, and an angry koala.

I revisited a dream I've had before- the stetting is a road along a babbling brook collecting output from spewing pipes from factories, near a dam, and continuing along the road, we find a forested area with a playground. In today's dream, my friends and I traveled down the road in the winter, and the playground felt abandoned and creepy.. unstable and very very tall.

We all climbed on it, and reached almost to the tree leaves when we heard the deadly snarl below. I said something lame like "oh my god, look out!" and we tried to climb higher as this snarling vicious koala bear started climbing towards us. Then it seemed to realize that it had us trapped, and backed down. So we edged down a bit too.. but then it started climbing up again. This pattern continued for a while, and I asked if anyone had a gun or something. Exasperated that no one did, I said "not even YOU, Audrey?"
Audrey has never mentioned weaponry to me, or killing animals, but she is an engineer and all around problem-solver.

Throughout the time on the playground, there was a definite feeling that we were unsafe to begin with- that the play equipment was just not up to today's safety standards.

Then I woke up.