Monday, September 15, 2008

Rental House

I first noticed that the wall between my room and my roommate's was crumbling away near the ceiling. There were stress lines and buckled areas down to the floor and crumbling at the floor as well though. I left my room and noticed other parts of the house walls that were crumbling. I ran around outside to see if I could see if something large had fallen onto the house. I looked for my roommates, one of them was having sex with his door open. I walked away quickly because he's gross. The other roommate wasn't to be found. I contemplated calling the landlord, but there were artists making mobiles and hanging them in the new holes in the walls and I had to get them to clear those up first. Also Todd had a wall-mounted garden of illegal plants only barely hidden behind a blanket - not in a crumbling-wall hole though. Many of my friends were here now, hanging out in a living room. Two kittens were playing on the floor.

At some point I was outside with Ben D. and I realized I'd never used the awesome stone patio table and chairs to eat dinner outside.

[Much more detail occurred, but it faded quickly when a stupid woman rang the doorbell and talked me out of remembering my dream details. Interestingly, she was from the county and here to measure the property for assessment.]