Thursday, February 7, 2008

Crazy night of 1001 dreams

The Snoctopus

A wine company had been using an illegal filler which happened to contain eggs of monster-snakes. As the wine sat in its bottles, traveling to the stores and then consumer's homes, the eggs hatched and little snakes would swim around till someone noticed them. A whistle blower alerted the feds, and action was taken to stop this. She went onto a popular t.v. show - a cross between Judge Judy and the Jerry Springer show - to speak to the public.

She sat at the front of the audience, facing the stage, next to a giant cylindrical tank filled with salt water and a 15 ft snake-monster. As she was being interviewed by a Jerry Springer type man, the snake started to move. It turned and writhed and morphed into a giant octopus full of evil. It flapped its tentacles violently and then shot up into the air. A scream filled the room, as the crowd started to panic. But the whistle-blowing woman lept up into the air to meet the octopus 20 feet up, and wrestled it back into its tank. For a moment, everyone thought the octopus had taken her down to her death, but then she jumped out of the tank. For unknown reasons, everyone assumed the snoctopus was now safe in its tank.


Robin and I were sitting in our living room making our earthquake survival kits. We were planning what to pack, how to load our bikes for leaving the city, and how much water to take. At first we were worried that we'd have to carry too much water weight, but then I remembered my store of iodine tablets. I found them and put them in our pile.


We, about 100 women, were in a large gymnasium practicing dancing. We sat down in folding chairs at one end of the room, and one by one, women got up to perform a dance. It was all modern-dance, with tumbling and nakedness. 3 women did their individual dances, and then a group of 4 women took the stage, covered in white flour and wearing elaborate makeup in a Japanese white makeup style. They did a slow dance rolling around on the floor and striking strange poses that made parts of their bodies seem to disappear into the floor. Their heads expanded into giant masks with anime features, still primarily a deathly white. They sang a song in a chirping bird language. I looked out at where the rest of the audience had been, and the seats were mostly empty. I wondered where all the other women had gone. The rest of the women started dancing back into the room in a loose line, wearing elaborate costumes and dresses.


I was playing with a baby. It produced a lot of boogers. They were crusty.

Finger Biting

My classmate Marion was bothering me, so I bit the tip of her left index finger. I broke the skin with one tooth. She said something to distract me and then bit me back, on my left hand. I wondered if she had any diseases.

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