Saturday, February 2, 2008

Teenage Miriam and her Caribbean Vacation (dreamed 2/2/08, set in about 1996)

I was on vacation with my family and while it was now, it was about 12 years ago. My brother was in his late teens, I was about 15 or 16, my mom and dad were in their early 50s or maybe even younger. They were divorced, but we were taking a vacation together. My dad's new woman hadn't come, but my cats had. My 3 year old cats who weren't alive over a decade ago. We had just arrived on some island in the Caribbean. Maybe one of the Florida Keys or maybe the Cayman Islands. People spoke English and there was a small, happy, hippy town feel.

We had rented a big house. There was a main floor and a basement, both large and sprawling. Many bedrooms and big rooms for lounging, cooking, etc. I did not see any bathrooms, which was probably a good thing. I let the cats out of their carrier and they went wandering around the house. I wandered around on my own, looking to see what bedroom I would have. A local was in the house with us explaining some things to my parents, and he mentioned that we should be careful about keeping the screens closed because there were lots of weird spiders, insects and animals that could get in. I found the room that was going to be my room, and it was ok, but not spectacular. It was decorated with a feel of my mother's furniture.

I saw the room that would be my brothers, with a large bed in it, but otherwise about the same as my own, and then I wandered out into the hall again, and saw a room with a very short, but otherwise queen-sized bed. My mom was going to have this room, and my dad was going to have an identical one just down the hall from it. But I remembered that we had some other guest with us, who would probably need that other room, so I briefly wondered if any of them would share a room.

I wandered back to the front room and saw two girls, about 11 or 12 years old petting my cats. They had opened the front screen door, and my cats were starting to edge out to the shaded front porch (which was made of a rich, dark wood, cut in thick planks, and well crafted. The same wood was used to make the floor, a waist-height wall/rail, and a solid roof that slanted down over it to keep the strong sun off.) I didn't mind them for a minute because I felt something tickle my foot. I looked in my slipper and saw that there was a yellowish-clear little spider in it I got the slipper off with the spider still in it, and our local guide came and helped me catch it and get rid of it. (After this I saw a few other spiders and worm-like bugs that occupied a bit of my time each, but weren't too bad. I did become a bit paranoid about them and I wished I had brought good hiking boots instead of my tevas.) I went back to where the girls were playing with my cats. They were out on the porch now, and I told them that they were welcome to pet and play with the cats but that the cats weren't really allowed to leave the house because they didn't have collars. I asked them if there was a place that I could purchase collars and they suggested a place just down the street (which was mostly dirt, with a little gravel). There were a bunch of locals outside hanging out.

I took my cats back into the house and found a that I could close some doors to keep them in the daylight basement until I could get them collars. I went back outside and went for a walk. I met a cute local boy and brought him back to the house. I was showing him around and kind of looking for a good place to make out with him (remember I felt like I was about 15 here). Someone found us wandering around and he excused himself and said he'd see me later.

[[I really woke up here, but then I went back to sleep and was in the same setting.]]

I got dressed for the beach and walked there to take a swim. I was in shallow water on a beach made out of one large, porous rock, which made a large cliff that rose up on either side and then was carved out by the sea into a smallish, round cove. The tide was out, but coming in, so the water I was in was only a foot deep at most. I lay down in it and started alligator-walking out, exploring the rock underneath, and starting to swim as the water got deeper. The cove opened out to the sea a bit, and I saw a group of about a dozen men in their 60s and 70s swimming in. One in the middle was Jack Nicholson, but as he grew closer to me, he turned into my father in his early 40s. We said hello as he went towards the beach with the group, and I swam out towards the ocean, but then he grazed his head on a rock. In his bald spot there was a little knick, but the sea water made the blood flow as if it was a slightly bigger cut. A trickle of blood went from his head down around his right eye. He was fine, but he needed a bandaid and I told him he should have it looked when he got back to shore.

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