Monday, May 28, 2012

Sea Cucumber

In the middle of a much longer dream, I looked down into a bowl of water at knee height and saw three blobs that were mostly brown, with blue and red parts. They were sort of potato-like, brown with spots, but they had little wavy bits like a sea creature that were blue, at one end of each of them, and some areas around their spots that were highlighted in reds and blues. I thought to myself, "those look healthy," but then was a bit upset when the little blue tentacles of one of them started to go towards me and almost started climbing my leg. I moved away carefully.

They were much like sea cucumbers:
Like this but more brown, and the tiny tentacles on the left were blue:

And while the one that tried to climb my leg was about the shape of the first image, the other two were shaped more like this one (and the spots are like the blue spot on this one:

And, the tentacle bits were a little more like this... but lots of them, like in the first image above:

And no, I hadn't been thinking about sea cucumbers at all... though I have been thinking about potatoes a lot lately.