Sunday, June 5, 2011

3.5 Dreams

.5) As I was falling asleep (in a friend's guest bed), I was transported to being in my car in an alternate reality, where I had opted to drive home instead of spend the night here. It was precisely as it would have been: dark, on the highway, sleepy. I shook myself back awake and ordered myself to stop that nonsense.

1) I was a time traveler and had gone to the late 80's. I spotted Kurt Cobain from behind (though he looked nothing like the real Kurt - this one had long, dark brown, curly locks past his shoulders.) I took a photo with my smart phone to show to friends when I returned to my time, to prove that I had traveled in time.

Kurt and my phone were the only distinct objects in this dream. Past Kurt, and all around, everything else was bright white, or tinged with a golden aura.

2) I was in a department store, in a home furnishing section, where they were selling off all of their merchandise and displays in a store-close-out sale. In a big dreary room, there were scattered bed displays, with mattresses made atop structures made of dark brown boards. Lots of salespeople were hawking these mattresses, and when a mattress had sold, they would try to sell off the boards that made the stand.

The floor was carpeted with a thin, low quality, dark beige/tan carpet. Behind most beds, there was a tall fake-wall head-board to give the illusion of a bedroom setting. The salesmen were fat, the bedding was light in colour, and there were a number of shoppers around, though it was fairly quiet.

3) I watched this dream more than I lived it. We were in Nepal or India at a Buddhist monastery. The head of the temple there was a woman, who was the 20th incarnation of a lama. I heard her title, said like Amida or Amitabha, though when I looked at a computer screen to read it, it looked more like Admihna.

She looked at her hands and held a mysterious package, mailed, and poorly marked. She opened it, and a white ring of powder was revealed. She collapsed. A number of monks ran over. One picked her up, and then water poured out of his face and arms and he collapsed. Another monk touched him, and the same happened. This repeated two more times, until four monks and the lama lay together on the paving stones, as if sitting huddled together, cradling each other's heads.