Sunday, February 3, 2008

Last Night

I was in a church, either mormon or lutheran, which, while very different denominations, are fairly interchangeable to me as far as my beliefs go. I am sitting about halfway back in the pews, when I start to feel a need to leave. There is a demon at the pulpit, and he's going to get us. I run from the church.

[[Lots of other things happened over quite a while, but I don't recall the details well enough to try explaining it.]]

The other section of the dream that I recall, was in a large bathroom. I was with two friends, and we needed to pee. We wandered into a bathroom, which was open in a mall, much like how mall stores are open to the mall hallways. There were no stalls, and all the toilets were novelty designs. Some were just cute, but functioned generally normally. Others sat multiple people. Everything was brightly lit, cute and full of animal-cartoons, as if the bathroom was designed by Sanrio. The bathroom was not at all scary or bothersome, but it was hard to find a toilet that offered any sort of privacy or full functionality.

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