Monday, October 27, 2008

Renter's Insurance

I was wandering around town when I heard that Michael A. had been talking about me. I don't think it was anything bad, but I decided to go pay him a visit. It would be a very convenient visit because I had to renew my renter's insurance, and he was a new junior-agent at my insurance company's sales office in a little strip mall. I drove over in my Toyota Corolla [a car I had over 4 years ago] and went in.

There were 4 insurance agents, 3 of them were older-middle-aged fat white men, and the 4th was Michael. Their desks all faced an open space in the middle of the room, two along each side wall. Michael was in the one closest to me on my right. An older woman who was a bit crazy sat down in front of him first, but he didn't have the right computer program for her needs, so she crossed the little open space to sit down in front of the senior sales agent at the front left desk.

I sat down to talk with Michael and asked him about my insurance policy. He said that his computer didn't have the ability to look it up, so if I didn't have my paperwork with me, I could either talk with one of the other men, or I should go get it from home. I decided it would take just as long to wait for the other men to be done with their clients, so I went out to my car to make sure I had my house keys, and then started walking towards home. Michael came with me for the walk.

We walked up the dead-end street as it started to climb a tree covered hill. Then we were in a building that was very dorm like. Other people had their doors cracked to their rooms and we got a few glimpses into them. In one there was a large young woman with long wavy blonde hair in a bathing suit, rolling around on the floor. I knew it was about 6:30am but Michael said it was about 9am. He said that he needed to deploy with his unit soon.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Zombie Office

I was being given a new office at work, in the Anthro Dept.'s building. It was in a huge open room, like an old art studio or gym, that was a L-shape (though each of the 2 sections of the L were equal in size.

The top half of the L was my office, and people were bringing in my furniture while I helped direct where it would go. At the bottom end of the room, was a door to the hall, off to the left of that end, was the bottom half of the L and at the top end of my room was a grand fireplace with a wall-length mantle made of a rich dark wood and deep enough to sit on with one's knees folded up.

I had a couch, some rugs, the usual desk and chair set up, a rock-band's selection of instruments (drum kit, guitars, keyboards, etc.) and other things that I was trying to arrange. The person whose office was in the bottom section of the L came into the room and I discovered that they were a professor with whom I was friends. We were happy to be office mates.

Time passed and it was getting late. My furniture was not arranged yet, and I realized that I really only had a strip of the room I was arranging. 4 long blue and gray stripes marked the floor where different people were to have their long, mildly narrow offices. My furniture fit, but I wasn't happy with how it was arranged.

Time passed again, and it was dark. Somehow seeing outside, I noticed a mob of people carrying make-shift weapons of sticks and chains. They were possibly zombies, possibly zombie hunters, and possibly a pretend zombie flash mob. I and a friend who was in my office with me climbed up onto the fireplace mantle, and hid in the dark in the corner. We decided to pretend to be zombies when the mob came into the office.

They came in, and spotted us quickly. They were humans, but we apparently were real zombies now, because I and my friend started biting their flesh and they started turning into zombies. One girl in particular, fell dead at my feet and her flesh went pasty white, her hand started falling off at the wrist, and then she came back to the undead. She was to be my companion for all time, and her friend who watched her turn into a zombie was horrified but still frozen in disbelief. She wouldn't shoot her new zombie friend in the brains, even though the zombie-girl begged her to do it.

I thought it was very un-zombie of her to still be able to talk.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Christmas Visiting

I was at my future in-law's house for some holiday, possibly Christmas. I was trying to get information from them about something, but then I found out that my future grandmother-in-law was in a hospital and very ill. My in-laws got upset and bustled around the house trying to get their things together so they could go visit her. They took a while though, and when they went outside into the dark of the night, they didn't go straight for their car. Then, they were in their car, but not driving to visit her. They hadn't left, but they pulled back into the property in the car and all piled out. I asked why they weren't going to visit her already, and they were confused. They started getting ready to go again, but then other relatives started arriving with piles of baked goods. I took that to indicate that my future grandmother-in-law had passed away. My future mother-in-law was upset. I received the guests and the baked goods looked tempting.

I wandered around the house away from the mourners. Many of my friends were in town to visit for the holidays too, and they were staying here as well. Two of my friends in a long distance relationship that's on the rocks met up. They didn't see that I was in the loft, when they started making out. I dropped to the ground so they wouldn't see me if they looked up. They disappeared into a back room and closed the door. I got up and arranged some of the couches and chairs to make more bed-space for my other visiting friends.