Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Tooth Temple and Luxembourg

The Tooth Temple
I was brushing my teeth, looking in the mirror, when I noticed that I had an additional top row of teeth 'above' my other teeth. It was set in a separate layer of gums, and was somewhat hidden from view unless I tilted my head back a ways to see it in the mirror. The teeth didn't go all the way around like a full row of teeth, but there were none missing. On each side of my mouth there were 3 molars, and near the front there were an additional three. The gums were a beautiful dark red, and the teeth were discreetly adorned with gold flecks and gems. The whole effect was an appearance of being a cosmic temple. It was beautiful, but disconcerting, as I continued to brush my teeth.

I was running around a city during the day time. The sky was whitish-blue, it was sunny, and the buildings were primarily sand coloured. I helped a woman (a friend) find parking, and we parked in front of a large sand coloured building. The parking was metered. I was distracted by a friend walking towards us up a street (around the corner from where we were) who had waved as we drove by. I went to talk to him, but the woman beconned me back as a meter-maid was coming to give tickets. I dug out coins from my wallet, while she reparked to make it look like we were not just 're-feeding' the meter.

Later, and later in the afternoon according to the sky, I was wandering around the city. I, though it wasn't really me, had a secret identity as a non-super super-hero, complete with an identity-obscuring costume. I put a bag at a security checkpoint at a parking garage - a black backpack with my wallet in it - and went up the stairs to get a view of the city. The parking garage was about 3-5 flights tall and made of cement, and open, with decent views. I looked out over the city, and learned that there were terrorists running around and planning trouble.

I ran down the stairs, and tried to get my backpack, but it was missing. I met up with a group of friends, snuck by the increasing security forces, and went to the center of town. We passed the University of Chicago, which happened to be in a giant, grey square building adorned with intricate masonry - very Babylonian in its architecture. It was the largest, oldest, fanciest building in this town, which also held the Eiffel Tour, and was apparently Luxembourg. The Eiffel Tour was across a courtyard from the UofC, and we ran up its stairs.

There was a horde of scared people midway up the stairs who were trying to figure out how to avoid the terrorists. We sent them back down to the city streets and continued climbing. We reached the top, and looked out on the city. It was night, and a fireworks display was starting across the whole skyline, erupting from every building, for the holiday. It was beautiful. I looked down on Babylon-University of Chicago and turned to Robin and asked him why we didn't travel more when I was at the UofC, seeing as we were in the heart of Europe and it would have been cheap.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Guest Dreamer Appearance !

Dreams from the mind of my husband:

1. I had to go to this really crappy all you can eat buffet that was in my home town (fictitiously). I was sitting next to these med students, I think. They may have been Jon and Talia's friends from Mass, maybe? Anyways, it was very crowded, but eventually i got to go through the line, bumping into all these poor kids from Carson. I basically loaded up a plate full of all kinds of non-so-savory foods, (blintzes served by a yokel using chopsticks instead of tongs. Actually, they were Swedish pancakes, but he called them blintzes). As soon as I sat down to eat, I woke up.

I woke up very hungry, btw

2. In this other dream, I was a reporter or scholar or something and went to the PRC. I was way up in the north, and investigating the "36 walls movement." It was basically a populous initiative to tear down all but the 36 most scenic sections of the great wall of china. It was like watching a cgi reenactment, though. I had a bird's eye view of the great wall, and watched sections collapse or stay standing as someone narrated the proposal to me.

I was to promote agriculture and solidarity among the people living just north of the wall. It was legit and supported by the government. They were keeping the scenic portions. The rest were just decadent. It also had something to do with this woman artist who would paint watercolors of women's basketball practices. That was a let down, since I had been watching walls fall and stuff, and then I had to go into this stuffy gym and watch a lesbian paint cheesy paintings of sweaty women playing basketball.

3. I had this other dream where I was at this house that was supposed to be my parents house, but the architecture was all wrong. It was more like Ryan Ragsdale's parents house at Seaside, but way larger. I went out side in the middle of the night, maybe looking for Mr. Boy, maybe not. I went out to this old apple tree, which you may not remember... it was out at the side of the yard, facing the garage. (it got root rot and fell over when I was an early teen but didn't die, so you would have never seen it the way I did in my dream, which was standing up and larger than it had been in life)

It was pitch dark out, but somehow, I saw this keyhole on the tree. It looked familiar for some reason, so I tried a bunch of my keys on it. (These were my actual keys, the ones I carry around in my pocket now.) I was just about to give up on the last one I tried, which was our house key, I think, but then I got it to turn. It turned, but didn't seem to do anything, so I started to walk away from the tree, but in a circular fashion, so that I could see the back of the tree. There was a little explosion, and this two foot tall cupboard door blew open at the bottom of the back side of the tree. There was this little cubby whole in the back of the tree... like a cupboard storage area.

It had been rigged with a little bit of dynamite as a booby trap, evidently. It was full of all this random stuff, but what first caught my eye were all of these $1 coins. They were of all sorts of times, from Sacagaweas to various different times of silver ones. I started collecting them all up, and was somehow thinking that this was all my dad's stuff. There were maybe a bunch of weird postcards and stuff like that. But then I found a checkbook, and I didn't recognize the names in it, so it had obviously been stolen. I'm trying to remember the other stuff in the space, but I can't recall it.

I think that the explanation my brain came up with was that it was a hiding spot for some robbers, who liked coins since they were harder to trace. From there, I started to watch this pretty inept pair of robbers preparing for a hold up. It was out at the coast somewhere, and they were going to go stick up a drug store or grocery store or somewhere stupid like that. They both had shotguns, and were driving it this really old piece of shit car... maybe an old dodge or something like Ryan S's old car, but way, way worse and all rusted. The key ignition didn't work at all, so one of they had to basically hot-wire the car to start it, which he wasn't good at and it took him a long time to do. They knew they had to keep the car running during the heist, but then they both planned to go into the store to rob it. I was thinking that that was a very stupid plan, and that their POS car would stall or someone would come along and turn it off in the middle of their robbery, and they wouldn't be able to make their get-away. That's all I remember about that dream.

The part with the tree was interesting to dream at least, as it had that uncanny "finding new parts of a familiar house" feeling, but the part about the robbers was pretty dumb to dream.