Saturday, May 24, 2008

Food and Drink

I was driving around Portland with friends. A man was driving the car, Robin was a front-seat passenger, I was riding bitch, and to my right were Ryan and Alyssa. The backseat was just wide enough (and had enough seatbelts) to allow for 5 passengers, and the front, while meant for two, had a third seat in the middle that could be used if we needed it. We were waiting on our friends who would take the other two left side back seats.

We went to a corner store that was a bit like an old-timey general store. They had a fantastic selection of nice booze.

Later, I was driving around with my dad (he was driving and I was riding shot-gun) and we were on our way to a party with my friends. We had to stop by the corner store, so I directed him to it. He took an odd shortcut that just avoided going around one corner with a high curb, by going over the property on that curb.

We went into the store, and had some trouble locating the booze at first, but then we found it in the back of the store. On top of the low shelves that held the fancy little bottles (like maple syrup bottles) of fancy booze, there were a few little plates that were designed for oven-baking your pancakes. They seemed very clever, and I considered buying a few. Two of them had free samples in them of just cooked little pancakes. They were fancy flavors, and I cut them up and my dad and I tasted tested both of them (the whole pancakes). I worried a little that we'd been greedy, but then a woman who worked in the shop came to the back of the store with her arms full of 3 fancy pancake concoctions she had just made and entreated us to eat them.

Two of the pancakes were fairly normal, but quite large, and possibly filled with fruit or chocolate. The third was crepe-like, except in a quesadilla way. The thin pancakes were lying flat, one on the bottom, then topped with some pudding and strange grain stalks (like miniature cattails (the plant)) that radiated out from the center with the fuzzy bits coming out the edges, and then topped with another crepe. I cut a wedge of it, and picked it up, having to roll it a bit so it wouldn't make a mess. I took a few bites, having to readjust my hold each time. The pancake and pudding portion was tasty, and the grain-stalks didn't taste like much. They were a bit difficult to eat though, like very thin asparagus that had gone a bit past ripe to a wood-like state.

I discovered that I had eaten all of the pancake and pudding and only had some cattail-like stalks left in my hands. I felt obliged to eat them out of politeness, but I was looking at them and pulling tufts of hair from the tips. I showed the shop-woman it and she smiled at me. I kept eating, as she asked if it tasted alright repeatedly.

Later I was in a big room with friends, including people I haven't talked to in years. Plenty happened there, and computers and video games were involved... but I don't recall the details.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Death comes 4 times [From a few nights ago]

3 times already my life had been close to over. [But that's fuzzy now]

I was in a large, dark room. I fell on my back and dark green glass shattered over my belly. I had to get it off, or it would kill me, but my cat came towards me to cuddle. It would have meant death for both of us, so I pushed him away. He curled up like a potato bug, but kept trying to come closer. I called for Robin and he came and grabbed away our cat.

[I woke up with a loud whimper.]

Denying God Again

I was being chased by many people, from many directions, all for the same purpose. They wanted to capture me. But this stemmed from fuzzy parts of earlier occurrences in my dream. I evaded them for the moment, and was wandering up a residential street in a city similar to Portland.

Small craftsman houses lined the streets. There were nice sidewalks, small trees, wide, carfree streets, and it was a cloudy gray day.

Ahead of me, the street went up a steep hill. I started to walk up it, and the houses and street changed into the interior of a large room. The floor was flat, but the ceiling angled up parallel to the angle at which the street had climbed. At the lower end, where I was, the ceiling almost touched the floor. A piece of purple yarn was strung along the wall, about a foot below the ceiling line, making the same angled climb up to a ledge where another level of the building was. I took hold of the yarn, and started to climb up it towards the next ledge.

As I climbed the purple yarn, I realized that humanity needed to colonize space to ensure its survival. And as I reached the end of the yarn, and found that there was not a chocolate and colored sprinkles cake donut capping the end of the line, I became sure of the fact that no gods exist.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Oppression of Women

I was in my new house/apartment in the kitchen. It was a old-craftsman style kitchen, with a nice window over the deep white sink. The room was fairly dark and full of olive greens, maroons and dark blues. Over the sink, however, enough sunlight came in to give good lighting. First I watched a woman in a headscarf wash dishes. She wasn't supposed to know how to read, but she had figured it out over the past year, and now was able to read the writing-design on the dishes as she washed them off. The dishes were modern glass-art pieces, blown glass orange bowls with white arabic writing in a line down the middle, and such. As she cleaned them off she was able to read what they said, and realized that they were funny sexual jokes for the men to enjoy at the dinner table while the women (who weren't supposed to be able to read) wouldn't notice.

Then I was washing dishes of a regular sort. We had a dishwasher off to the right of the sink, and drying racks on the counters on both sides. The dishwasher was supposed to only be for special uses, and had strange settings, so I was hand scrubbing most of the items. At the bottom of the sink there was a white plastic cutting board that had been used for cutting up raw meat. I considered that maybe it should go through the dishwasher, and I considered how my friend Roz would use some bleach on it. But by then I had already scrubbed it with my dishcloth so I rinsed it well and set it to dry in the drying rack on the left of the sink.

Then my distant cousins and aunts and uncles arrived. It was December, and while I had thought that this was about when I should be mailing off wedding invitations, they had come to have the rehearsal dinner already. I didn't know who a lot of them were, but there was a banquet hall set up with lots of tables and one large round one in the center for the closest relatives, so I figured I would find out by who sat where. My uncle looked at my feet and I was wearing my new-ish interviewing shoes. At some point I tried on some casual and crazy dress and joked that it could be my wedding dress. I didn't understand how all these people knew to come and show up when I hadn't sent any invitations.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

So many dreams, so little memory.

[I had easily 7-8 vivid dreams last night, but only snippets of one remain.]

I was driving around in a very fancy, new, deep vibrant blue, electric sports car. Later I was riding around on a similarly colored, and similarly fancy bicycle. Later I was in my new rental house, which was huge and fancy. We had a large swimming pool in the backyard. I had a lot of friends over. I had a lot of plans to do things.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Traveling Night

1. I was in a large station, similar to the big train station in Chicago (Union Station), but it was a spaceport. I was chosen to be part of a team of 9 people who were going on a one-way trip to deep space. Earth was not presently doomed, but we were intended to be part of a mission to get people off of the planet so that if Earth died or was destroyed there would be humans elsewhere.

We were allowed to bring four suitcases or items, but each item had size limits: two suitcases about 2x3ft, and then two larger items. One of the men going on the trip had a large silver motorcycle that he intended to ride in space. It was kind of awesome.

I spent much of the time running around trying to make sure I was packing the things I really wanted. At one point I exited the building, and had to show a passport to re-enter. I had someone else's passport, but her photo was so blurry, dark and zoomed in on her face that I could pass as her. I did worry about later though, when I would have my own passport and go by the same border guards.

2. I was going to go on a flight to the East Coast with my friend Roman. After we got there, we would have connecting flights to different places, but we had planned our plane tickets to fly together for the first leg of the commute. We were trying to get to the airport, but public transit was not cooperating. Bus #1, an automated bus (with no driver) drove up to our stop and we got on. The bus was full of dirty bums and spilled food. We sat near the front, and a man started talking to us. I just nodded along, but Roman got more involved in the discussion. The man was mean and gross. He harassed us about some leftovers we were carrying from dinner. We decided to get off that bus and catch the next bus that would come along (many different bus lines would take us to the right place) but the mean bum followed us off the bus and tried to make sure we stayed on the bus with him. I resisted getting back on the bus, but Roman went so I followed.

3. Not traveling, but part of another dream:
I saw 3 non-furry caterpillars writhing on the floor. They were disgusting and I considered squishing them, but instead I got a tissue and picked two of them up and tossed them far away outside of the building into some nice grass. I didn't want to pick up the last one, because it was so gross to touch, but I did, and tossed it out too.

Thursday Night

I was in a house and I found a rectangular orange rug. It was about 4ft.x6ft. and looked sort of like this: