Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lucid Dream

I and two or three other women (my friends) were walking quickly down a moderately lit street at night. We were cheerful and in a hurry to get somewhere. I decided I could go faster if I hovered, so I started to do so. My friends lagged behind so I called back to them to tell them how to hover. I told them to bend their arms, and lean back onto their elbows and push off of the air. They did so and we continued on.

We reached a large, fancy theater and I went in. In the lobby I noticed that everyone there was well dressed. I looked down at my clothes, which were a large layered set of casual cotton dresses. They were bright blues and reds, and not particularly flattering. I decided that I could make them change, so I focused on them becoming a fancy dress. It didn't happen, so I decided that if I took off a few layers I'd find a better dress below. I tried this and got down to the bottom dress layer. I considered taking parts of it off and being mostly nude. I didn't mind the idea, but I still wasn't sure it would be fancy enough.

I decided to let it go, let my dress form itself, and I looked up, into the main room of the building where the stage and audience were. When I looked down, I had a flowing, but shapeless shiny silver gown on. I nodded at the usher, stepped into the main room, and looked down to my right. There was a bin of fancy silk scarves. I chose a golden-yellow one with light green designs on it and wrapped it around my waist to give the dress a nice shape and accent. Wearing this, I walked down to the front of the audience. When I arrived there, a few people, most notably a woman who looked to be in her late 30s and was quite beautiful, gestured
for me to take my place at a podium on the floor in front of the stage. I looked out at the audience and I might have said something. I looked back at the beautiful woman, and she encouraged me to do something. I told her that I knew I was dreaming, and she chuckled and nodded in a knowing and approving manner.

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cadi said...

Hovering is cool. I wish we could dream together so you can teach me... You're dreamy!