Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Actually, it looked like this:

This is the ballroom at Fontainbleu.
(But the room in my dream was more white like the previously pictured ballroom in Chenonceaux.)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

3 dreams

None of these are fully remembered at this point...

1. I got the job. I was at the library I interviewed at, and all the other people who worked there celebrated with me.

2. I was with a team of archaeologists excavating some egyptian pyramids in a mayan jungle. We went into a room in the structure that had been fully excavated and there was a little pyramid inside. The room was about 15 ft x 15ft and the little pyramid was about 8 ft x 8 ft, set up on a few steps and towards the back wall. The archaeologists lifted a thick shell off of the little pyramid to reveal a smaller purple pyramid within, which had an eye near the top and a mouth about halfway up it. It opened the eye and started talking to us. It had a female voice and talked a lot. It told us about how long it had been hibernating and how lonely it had gotten and how no one had visited it in thousands of years. We got a bit annoyed at its constant talking.

Later I talked to some other humanoid aliens. Later I left the planet on a spaceship fashioned after the one from Futurama into an animated-looking outer space.

3. I was on a bridge like the land bridge at Reed before the salmon ladder was installed. Up towards the "cross-canyon" side there was a large white marble temple in which some gods lived. They showed themselves as little girls, but they were eaters of souls. Some celebrities were being led towards the temple, and I tried to keep them from going in. They were old, but it wasn't yet their time to die. Two of them were led into the temple by the girl-gods, but one woman with silvery-white shoulder length hair allowed me to take her away from there. A group of us went away towards another building a bit past the other end of the bridge.

As we moved away from the temple, a hoard of beast-men grew and started to chase us. We took up arms if we had them to fight. We ran into the building into a long room with a series of square nooks off of it, much like a modern version of a ballroom in a medieval castle in France that I saw in the summer of 1996.

Almost exactly like this (if those little recessed window areas were deep):We got into this room, and the hoard followed. We battled, taking old rusty axes and spears off of the walls, and peeling metal bars back from the windows. I bent some of the window irons back and placed them in line with a boar-man's head and called to my friend to shove him. He was skewered neatly through the face and neck without a sound.

It was crowded and hard to take good swings at our foes and our weapons were too old and rusty to do much damage without momentum behind them to swing through. A guy who might have been on my side started shoving a 3 foot wide axe blade at me, and I could only defend against it and not attack. But then, it was announced throughout the hall that the battle was resolved and we could stop fighting.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Boating and Desserts

[Definitely inspired by the book I'm reading right now.]

I was on a dark, glassy lake, in a small boat. I was with a few other women, maybe 2. We landed at a house into which the lake flowed. Getting out of the boat, into this somewhat open air dining room, we found a table heaped with desserts. The deep dark blue of the lake and the dark brown wood of the room's walls were echoed in the desserts: chocolate cakes, and dark trifles made with vanilla cake and raspberries, but swimming in thick blueberry juice and topped with heaps of whipped cream with shaved chocolate.

I leaned over the table to serve myself and got whipped cream all over my gray sweater. I moved to another part of the table and repeated this mess making process.

I paused in trying to get dessert, and my sweater was clean. I and one of the other women looked at little models of an innovative type of sailboat with curved spars. We considered having one. If we had taken the model, it would have turned into a full-scale ship.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Shopping, hovering, going away

I was in a large department store with Robin and my mom. It was a classy an expensive place, with high ceilings and dark wood walls with lots of details carved into them. There was a sale on though and we were there to get some shirts for my brother, A., for his birthday. We walked past some women's jackets, and I fell behind my mom and Robin to try on a brown rain coat. The material was a bit strange, like a vinyl fake snake-skin, but it seemed like it would be waterproof at least. When I put it on though, it was longer than it had looked on the hanger, and it billowed out in a weird way over my purse - which was hanging near my butt. I put it back on the rack and caught up with R+M.

We went to the back of the store, where there was a room that was about 20 feet long and 12 feet wide. It had dark green carpets and lighter wood walls than the rest of the store. Halfway down the length of the room on the left were two large step-platforms with three mannequins arranged on them. Across from these was a giant set of three mirrors arranged in the usual dressing room fashion so as to let customers see their outfit from all sides. We walked past these to a few wall-racks of shirts. Most of the shirts were gone as this was the tail end of the sale, but there was still a decent selection in my brother's size. My mom kept being attracted to rugby shirts with a lot of goldenrod and maroon in the stripes though, and R and I kept having to dissuade her, saying that my brother would not like them.

I moved back towards the entrance, glanced in the mirrors and at the mannequins, and then turned around to watch them picking shirts again. Something in the corner of my eye caught my attention, and I looked to the right, into the mirror, and saw a tall, slender blond woman in light blue jeans standing in the mirror, a little behind me and to my right - just out of my peripheral vision. I turned around to see who this was - she was clearly not a mannequin - and no one was there. I got R to come check it out, and he was disinterested. I looked at the mannequins, none of which were like that woman, and then didn't think about it any more.

I left the room, and found myself in another part of the store where there were mechanized steam-punk-esque mannequin people.

[Somewhere in this, though not clearly before or after this, I was at a house party.] Robin was there, as were two other men I was friends with and who were acting flirty with me. Robin was amused at their flirting, and I wasn't really responding to it, so not much happened. A fourth man may or may not have been involved with this part of the party. (And of course, there were plenty of other guests.)

After the party, I was at home [though nothing like anywhere I've ever really lived] and I felt a need to take a shower. I pulled back the curtain and saw that in the white shower, there were stains, as if someone had spilled wine all over the wall and parts of the floor. I considered asking Robin about it, but it wasn't that big of a mess, so I detached the showerhead from the wall (and was somewhat surprised that a regular showerhead could do that) and sprayed the wall and basin of the tub down to clean away the dark red spots.

[Somehow this was over and I was elsewhere.] I was in a park with Sonja going for a stroll. A man walked up to us wearing a very nice outfit that was somewhat reminiscent of the 10th Dr. Who's long brown coat and suit - except this man, Martin, was wearing a tweed trenchcoat, and his suit underneath was more leather than wool. I recognized him vaguely - maybe he was the fourth man from the party. He greeted me and started walking with us. He mentioned that as we walked he was going to start shifting the world around us and take me to his - our - family. I asked him to wait a few minutes to let me go back to my apartment first. He said their was no time to wait. I pointed out however, as we walked with Sonja down crowded streets, that if he started shifting worlds now, he would drag others - at least Sonja - along with us. He conceded the point and so we continued walking down the hill of the street we were on.

At the end of the street, I realized that I was probably dreaming, so I tested it by trying to hover across the street. It worked, and Martin made some sort of quiet exclamation. I turned back to him and told him that I knew I was dreaming, but he dismissed this by saying that it didn't really matter in this instance. I found him rather attractive, and we walked arm in arm, so I leaned on his shoulder in a familiar way as we walked. He seemed receptive, but then I realized that he was probably my cousin and said "oh shit, you're probably my cousin." And he said, "no, your brother actually." [Note: not the same brother as I was getting a shirt for earlier! A different brother.] "Oh," I said.

Whether we shifted worlds or went into some building is unclear to me, but soon we were in a room full of other people, the unknown relatives that Martin was taking me to meet. They turned to me, and were about to start talking.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Stair Race

Alex B. and I were in Mary Gates Hall. It was break time for class and we were going to get some coffee. We walked down the stairs to the coffee cart together and I challenged him to a race. We started racing down the stairs. He disappeared but I kept running fast. The stairs became smaller and more treacherous to run on the farther I went, but I kept running

Manhattan Inheritance

I was a woman in my early forties, sophisticated and wealthy. My parents had passed away and I was coming into my inheritance - making me considerably wealthier. The object of my attention in my inheritance was a large building in Manhattan that had been the family city-mansion in my childhood, but which had been locked up and sealed off for decades. I went to unseal the mansion, knowing that it had been sealed for a reason, but not believing that anything was truly wrong with the place. I had only been eight or so when it was sealed away behind heavy locks and thick iron gates.

The building was about ten stories high judging from its exterior. It was narrow and wedged between two large gray concrete high-rises. Made of black glass and metal, it was dark and shiny, and looked both modern and yet old and neglected at the same time. The building was set back from the street with an open concrete courtyard in front of it, but locked behind the first layer of wrought-iron fences.

The day was dark and gray when I unlocked the first gate. I walked quickly and easily across the concrete yard to the next layer of gates. I used a large key on the gate, and pulled it open, and then opened the main doors to the building. They opened easily enough, but with the feel of releasing a vacuum seal.

The building was large and dark inside, lit dimly and warmly as if by candlelight, though the rooms were were so lowly lit that most of the walls and furnishings appeared black or dark gray. A tall, slender woman in Victorian clothing and large round glasses, with her hair in a bun approached me. She knew me, and tried to welcome me in a warm manner, but was oddly distant. She and two other people were in the building. One of the others was an older man, and the third may have been a middle aged man but he wasn't around much. Both wore upper class Victorian clothes. As I went about exploring the house, odd things started happening and it became apparent that the three house minders were ghosts. It also became clear that they were welcoming, but in a way that indicated that they would like me to stay with them in the mansion for forever.

I had a daughter and a husband who followed me into the mansion. We had been hoping to live there, but it was becoming clear that we had to escape and reseal the place. My daughter was the same age I had been when my family left the mansion. I sent them running ahead of me, while I had to fight off and evade the ghosts. I believe I made it out.