Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dress from two nights ago

In the middle of a long, elaborate dream, I was trying to stall some people from taking me away somewhere that I didn't want to go. So I insisted on getting properly dressed and went up some stairs to a room where I could change.

I put on a plain, dark, button up blouse, and then a very full, dark grey wool skirt, that billowed out over my hips in thick warm folds that continued down to my feet. I had been given a gift from the people who were taking me away, and so I put it on over this - a coat made of the most luxurious, soft, long, pig fur. It was brown and well combed. It was quite fitted, and was tight to button over my blouse. At the top of my skirt, it spread out over the back of my skirts, but wouldn't close over the front. I determined that this was how it was meant to fit, leaving the front of my skirts viewable.

I awoke before I could go anywhere in this magnificent outfit.


[Most of the following is an approximation/rebuilding of a dream, rather than specific details.]

I was going about my dream doing dream things, having just chosen a new laptop I was going to purchase when I noticed them following me, talking about me, thinking I couldn't hear. They weren't saying anything too notable, just commenting on the things I was doing, like, "look at how she's walking towards the counter," and "she's probably the one," types of comments. One circled around the room quickly and so was walking towards me the next moment. I stooped down to adjust how I was carrying my laptop box, and the man walking towards me noted to himself, or to the other fellow, that I seemed to be acknowledging that I knew who he was, at least to some extent.

He passed me, and I made a little turn towards the checkout counter of this computer store. When the clerk was about to ring me up, the two men approached and paid for my laptop. I was thrilled, though I also knew I was now tied to them. The man who had circled around was a prince of another world, and I was also of there, though raised here away from that. We had been betrothed for a long time, and were now properly meeting. He was quite charming, and I was not upset to have this all revealed. I had already mostly been aware of this anyhow, though I wasn't exactly supposed to be aware, having been raised in this reality.

We wandered off to a place where he and his people were staying. It was some hotel. I was around a number of people for some time, and with him for a while, and things were talked about. Then, a woman, who was associated with these people, but who had separate motives, took me for a walk. We walked outside of the hotel, through a courtyard along side part of the hotel. The walls of the hotel were about 3 or 4 stories high, each level being rather tall, and were a salmon-pink stucco. The sky was bright and blue, the grass was green, there was a deep blue, calm river to our right, and we walked on a tan sidewalk. On the grass, all around us, and under a sheltered patio of the hotel, were beautiful women, who were stretching and practicing for a pagaent.

As we walked, I commented to the woman that this seemed like a weird mix of the fake indoor Venice in Vegas, and some other sort of hotel. She made some remark, or chuckled, and we walked past these women, between the hotel and another building of the same salmon pink. We sat down at a little cafe table that appeared, and she talked to me as if she were trying to get me to reveal what I knew and what I didn't know. I looked down at my knees and agreed with some of the things she said. When I looked up, she was gone, and I looked around and noticed that the walls had transformed into a dusty-stone look, and I was on what appeared to be a mildly populated Rennaisance Italy street. I looked across from my cafe table, and on a grassy hill, I noticed women lolling about in the sun, in fancy dresses, with long lizard tails that matched their dress colors.

Before I had a chance to do anything, a grey, stone-like doorway opened in a wall a little up the slight hill of grass and my betrothed appeared. He seemed relieved to have found me, and concerned that the woman I had walked off with had purposefully tried to leave me in a strange land. I was happy that he'd found me, because I probably would have had some trouble in this place if I had stuck around by myself for longer, but I was less convinced that that woman's motives had been so malicious overall.