Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Morning Shorts

Between 7am and 9:30am I had a bunch of little dreams. I only recall little bits of them.

1. I was on a sloping mountain road, biking down the side of a mountain, from near the top of it. Some guy was there, some other people were with me. I had to stop to do something, the guy caught up with us, and I chatted with the guy for a minute. While I was talking with him, I realized I could fly, so I sort of started to take off.

2. I was watching a scene taking place on the bridge of Star Trek Deep Space 9. The crew was the crew of The Next Generation though, and Worf was wearing a purple suit, with a white shirt, black bow tie, and big, hipster, black-rimmed glasses. Dr. Who (10th Doctor) ran through the room and sat down at a computer. Rickie was with him.

3. I was in my house (pretty close approximation of the house I currently live in). It was a grey day outside, like early fall, however inside, there was copious, warm sunlight pouring in through the Southwest facing windows as if it was early summer. A number of people were there with me, though through the course of the dream the people and the number of people changed quite a bit. A large raven with rich blue feathers (and some black feathers) hopped into the house. We tried to track it and chase it out of the house, and succeeded in trapping it in my bedroom.  It sat up on a little storage loft over my closet and hung out for a while while we thought about how to get it back outside.  Some strange little goopy man, about the length of my hand dropped from the ceiling on the opposite corner of the room. He was spidery and cookie-doughy all at once, and I was glad he scurried out of the house quickly. I went over to that part of the room and saw that it had formed out of some raw cookie dough that I had accidentally sprayed on the ceiling there months ago. There were some little strings of fishing wire that hung down from the ceiling and from them, two or three chocolate chip cookies were hanging, having formed when the sunlight melted and cooked the dough that had over-wintered on the ceiling. I was relieved to see that no other goopy men had formed.

A couple friends and I managed to circle the raven and the raven hopped down the stairs out of my room and towards the front door. I was trying to figure out how I would get a pillowcase over the raven to bag it so I could make sure it went outside, when the raven grew a long neck and turned into a bald-necked but otherwise similarly dark blue and black feathered turkey.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Houseguest, Globalization

1. A friend who had been going to come visit but whose ride fell through (in real life), actually showed up. He hung out with R and they worked at some computer screens on their music. It turned out he'd just been joking when he said he didn't have a ride.

2. I was taking a university course in something social-sciencey. I had to write a paper about something to do with globalization, and I was really excited to finally write about the use of dragon-benches. These, of course, were specially designed benches you could use to sit next to your dragon while it was lying down. My professor didn't think that this was a great topic, so I decided to write about how it related to the difference in the global spread of milk and corn tortilla chips.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Guest Dreamer: BGL

It involved me and a couple of mom friends of mine, and finding ourselves (and our babies) involved in some sort of "game" with some rowdy bandits, where in order to get your car back from them (for they had grabbed the car keys right out of the car) to get your keys back, you had to win them back. In order to do that, you had to grab some keys at random out of a hat, and then figure out which car they were for, before anyone else did. It was out in a field or the woods or something, and there were about 100 cars all parked at random. It was like "Fast and Furious" where there were all these ghetto gangsters, and their sexy ladies... also kind of like a car show, only the cars were not of "car show quality".

I looked at the keys that I had grabbed and they had a little emblem on them (of some imaginary make of car) and then I looked around before they blew the whistle to start, and saw a car with the same emblem on it, parked near to me and my mom friends and our babies. When the whistle blew, I ran right to it, put the key in the ignition and started the car, before anyone else even got to the other cars. Apparently, that car belonged to one of the ghetto gangster bandit leaders, and he thought I had cheated somehow in figuring out the right key to the right car, and was all angry... the other ghetto gangster bandit leader was fair however, and held his compadre back from attacking me... and was impressed that I knew how to figure out this task... and he let us have our car back and leave.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

3.5 Dreams

.5) As I was falling asleep (in a friend's guest bed), I was transported to being in my car in an alternate reality, where I had opted to drive home instead of spend the night here. It was precisely as it would have been: dark, on the highway, sleepy. I shook myself back awake and ordered myself to stop that nonsense.

1) I was a time traveler and had gone to the late 80's. I spotted Kurt Cobain from behind (though he looked nothing like the real Kurt - this one had long, dark brown, curly locks past his shoulders.) I took a photo with my smart phone to show to friends when I returned to my time, to prove that I had traveled in time.

Kurt and my phone were the only distinct objects in this dream. Past Kurt, and all around, everything else was bright white, or tinged with a golden aura.

2) I was in a department store, in a home furnishing section, where they were selling off all of their merchandise and displays in a store-close-out sale. In a big dreary room, there were scattered bed displays, with mattresses made atop structures made of dark brown boards. Lots of salespeople were hawking these mattresses, and when a mattress had sold, they would try to sell off the boards that made the stand.

The floor was carpeted with a thin, low quality, dark beige/tan carpet. Behind most beds, there was a tall fake-wall head-board to give the illusion of a bedroom setting. The salesmen were fat, the bedding was light in colour, and there were a number of shoppers around, though it was fairly quiet.

3) I watched this dream more than I lived it. We were in Nepal or India at a Buddhist monastery. The head of the temple there was a woman, who was the 20th incarnation of a lama. I heard her title, said like Amida or Amitabha, though when I looked at a computer screen to read it, it looked more like Admihna.

She looked at her hands and held a mysterious package, mailed, and poorly marked. She opened it, and a white ring of powder was revealed. She collapsed. A number of monks ran over. One picked her up, and then water poured out of his face and arms and he collapsed. Another monk touched him, and the same happened. This repeated two more times, until four monks and the lama lay together on the paving stones, as if sitting huddled together, cradling each other's heads.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

TV Watching

In my dream, I had a dream about Saved By The Bell. I wasn't participating in the show, but I wasn't just watching either. My perspective was as a person in the room.

Teenaged Antonio Banderas had a guest spot on the show, and he and the regular cast were in a small room with a mini two-row riser stand for a choir. They were just coming into the room, as if between class periods and getting ready for this new class. They mingled about, talking. Antonio flipped his hair around.

Then I "woke up" and tried to tell a friend about how Teenaged Antonio Banderas was in my dream. I thought about typing it up on blogger, but first I had other things I had to do... like prop a half-door in the frame of the bathroom door.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I was with my in-laws in the backyard of a house. The yard was large, green lawn stretching for acres, but the immediate half acre of the backyard was edged with giant deciduous trees. The trees had few branches, primarily upwards stretching, rather than outwards, and had no leaves. They didn't seem unhealthy, just leafless as in winter. The sky was light grey, clouded over.

We were just standing there, when a tree at the far right corner of the yard crashed to the ground towards the end of the yard we were in (though in a straight line, parallel with the edge of the yard, not diagonally, towards us). It didn't quite reach the house-end of the yard. Then, one by one, each of the trees lining the back edge of the yard crashed down towards the front/house end. They crashed with enormous force, and branches cracked and shot up into the air. None came close to hitting us or the house.