Sunday, March 30, 2008


I was in the public library, on my last day of my internship as a reference librarian. There was some construction going on; new desks being put in for the librarians, walls being taken down and rebuilt in slightly different locations and so on. Our temporary reference desk was a line of tables that we were sitting at. We messed around with their arrangement a bit. For a while there was a long couch a few meters behind them, but we decided to move it so that patrons wouldn't be behind us like that. The room was sunny in a bright white, indirect-sun way and all the furnishings, the building, and the carpet were different tans and light browns.

I chatted with a few librarians, some of them were new and didn't know me. They assumed that I didn't know anything because I was a new student, which annoyed me because I had been working there for months and was almost done with school. A few patrons came through the library with their questions and issues.

Then, a man in brown clothes, in his thirties or so, and with coppery colored hair strolled into the library carrying a large copper meteorite somewhat covered with a white crust. He came up to our reference tables and slammed it down causing some of the white crust to break off as a powdery dust and fly into the air around us. Some of it got into my eye before I moved away. I jumped back covered my eyes and mouth and tried to get the powder out of my eye by pulling at my eyelid. Some of the librarians tried to jump up and stop him but he ran off (taking the meteorite) and disappeared past the construction crew.

I knew the powder in my eye was intended to knock me out, so I was lucky to have only taken a little of the attack. The man with the meteorite had intended to abduct me, but things hadn't gone as planned.

[A fair amount of the dream at this point is kind of fuzzy to me.]

Somehow I made it to an apartment, where I lived with some people who may have been friends or relatives, and there might have been one person who was in the form of a female human but was secretly an elephant.

We knew that this man, and others like him were going to continue to come after us, so we were packing up the things we needed and getting ready to go on the run. I was packing a backpack, and emptying my purse into it along with other things. I found a large amount of loose money - mostly ones and tens - and was trying to scoop it up without taking all the junk around it in my purse. The money was very dense and heavy.

I was in the center of the apartment, in a small brightly lit room with no furniture.
In front of where I was kneeling and packing my bag was a sliding door that lead out onto a balcony and a bright white day. To my right was a door to some other part of the apartment, and behind me was the front door of our unit. We were sure that the man was almost there, so were were hurrying to get out.

He arrived before we could leave, so we ran to hide in the apartment. I and one other person wanted to distract him from everyone else in the apartment so that they wouldn't get dragged into the drama. He started chasing someone else though, so we ran through a number of rooms and doors to a room off of another room with a private bathroom in it. As we did so, we tried to go faster than he could and hide, but still make enough noise to draw him away from the others. I went into that bathroom. It was a light blue color, darker than the other parts of the apartment because it only had one small window with textured privacy glass. This provided a fair amount of light, but colder tones than the rest of the apartment. The window was above a stand-up shower box. The shower was not unusual, except there was a horizontal beam that stretched across the top of it diagonally about 3 feet below the ceiling.

As I was running away from the man with the meteorite, I knew that I would probably have the extra adrenaline I needed to jump up and grab the beam so I did. I then struggled a bit to pull myself up to be on top of the beam, but I eventually managed to do so.

[At this point, things shifted so I didn't get caught or go out the window... not sure what happened.]

I was outside with a group of friends in the evening. We wanted to go get a late night snack and they didn't know the town. One of them was a tall Ukrainian man who had no sense of urgency. We had been hanging out somewhere party-like prior to this, but I don't recall that part anymore. We had left a large brick building - which was probably the library - out the back door, and I was taking them the long way past the construction so that we would stay in the unpopulated area, away from where the man with the meteorite would be looking for us. My group kept trying to turn up streets that went too close to the construction, but I kept getting them to stay to my route. They wouldn't go fast though, and even when they did just follow me without sidetracks, the neighborhood blocks would stretch out and take forever to walk down.

We were found, but this time not by the man with the meteorite, rather, by a powerful woman in a long light blue gown and with long blond hair - a companion of that man. She was behind us, in the middle of an empty intersection at the end of the block we had been trying to walk up all night. The sky was getting light, and she could see us well. She raised her arms up to the sky to cast a spell on us and catch us. We stood frozen, trying to figure out how to escape her. The street grew a little longer, she was further away, but still in a danger range, but I escaped by waking up.

[Not wanting to forget this dream, I immediately started thinking about it, but I got worried that that woman would be able to track me by my thoughts about her, so I didn't think about it too much, and therefore lost those little bits noted above.]

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I hate alarm clock dreams!

I turned off about 20 alarm clocks, but that horrible song kept playing. My mother offered me a few more potential offenders and I turned them off too. No luck till I woke up and struggled to move my arms to stop that awful song.

Monday, March 24, 2008


I was in a waiting room, a lounge done all in white with sun streaming in through tall windows along the far wall. I was sitting at a table, or perhaps a bar, and the room was comfortably full of other people. Two older men were near me at the bar.

I opened my backpack and pulled out some nice Canadian Scotch. I took out a small beer mug shaped shot glass, and poured a drink. I offered it to the men. We talked about fine Scotches, they suggested maybe it was actually Laphroiag, and I thought about this. I suggested that it might be that, or it might be some other kind. None of us took more than a sip.

My father entered the room, which turned out to be in an airport. He was here to pick me up. We left the room and ended up at a theme park in Oregon. I tried to enter the park, but I got waylaid. I ended up an hour south of the park at a friend's wedding site. The wedding ceremony and reception were going to happen up near the theme park, but some pre-ceremony events were going to occur here.

I ran into a lot of friends, and we hung out and the pre-event events took place. I wandered around, and it started to grow dark. In the twilight the venue appeared to be dark green grassy hills with a built in amphitheater and a deep brown, modern wooden building. The sky was a dark blue-gray. We discussed the need to go up to the ceremony venue, and I futzed with my dress.

My dress was a black, 80s-inspired affair that either didn't fit me (it being too big in the hips) or that was ill-designed with epaulets... who puts epaulets on a dress? There was some fabric-decoration on the shoulders in either a electric blue, or hot pink (depending on each time I looked in the mirror at it).

I had been lending the dress to some other woman earlier in the evening, and I think it fit her better, but it was too late to get a new dress for the ceremony and reception, so I just arranged it as well as I could. A few of us piled into a car.

It took a few tries to get to the venue. First the road was blocked, then maybe something else happened. But eventually we got there. It was light out again, but late in the afternoon. The wedding party disappeared, and I was at the theme park, finally able to enter it this time. My dad, his wife and I got onto a transportation device that was also a fun ride. It was taking us to a cabin where we would be staying for a while. The park was located in the mountains, and the transportation ride was a train of little white cars that zipped people up and down hills, with many optional stops along the way. Sometimes the cars operated individually along the tracks and sometimes they hooked up and sped along like a train. Each car moved along the tracks without regard for other cars on the tracks - none of the cars got in the way of each other, despite differing speeds, and optional stops on the single track.

On the crest of a hill however, my car stopped and I got out and stood on the grassy mountainside. I looked out over a valley towards a large range of mountains and saw one in the middle of my view that started steaming. A plume of thick gray smoke started pouring out of it, first in a thin stream then thicker and thicker until it was easily a mile wide billowing up and them flowing back down. It was a volcano and it was erupting violently. I turned around to other people climbing out of their little white cars and yelled that it was a volcano. It was a bit difficult to say, as I kept almost saying earthquake. But I got their attention and they looked up to see it and started reacting with a mix of fear, panic and calm amazement.

I watched the eruption and saw people being blown off the far mountains in the violence of the eruption, tumbling down the closer hillsides or flying through the air in a mix of smoke and rocks. My father's car had gone on towards the cabin so I figured he would be safe there, his wife's car had gone back towards the park's entrance, and I figured she could escape safely. I hopped into a car to go towards the entrance. But when I reached the entrance I realized that I should probably go to the cabin. I found my father's wife and sent her in a car towards the cabin, and then started making my own way. There were no more cars, so I would have to hike miles to get there. I started walking up some stairs towards the exit of the train station to start my hike. Up the first flight of white stairs, I encountered two people in a tandem boxcar racing bicycle device. One was a woman who was able bodied, but the man in the car couldn't walk, and so they were traveling this way, also trying to escape to safety.

They were in my way to go up a steep ramp to the exit, and they were struggling to get up it. I pushed their vehicle to help them up onto the flat surface above. I chatted with them, and they determined that the man could escape on his own via one route, while the woman and I would travel faster together by foot. We headed out.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Symmetrical Inversion, or Claude Levi-Strauss controls my dreams...

I was minding my own business when I was transported to a parallel Earth. I encountered the non-me, a guy, who I thought was pretty cute, living in a house that was rather similar in shape and size to the house I lived in when I was in high school. The furniture was better located in the rooms however, and overall, the house was better decorated.

The guy was in high school, as was I, but we were also both my current age. Nothing was odd about this. He lived in one of the basement rooms - although, a different basement room than I had lived in in high school - and one that hadn't really existed in my version of the house. He and I were instant best friends and he housed me, a refugee from my Earth. I helped him with complex tasks, mostly quests that he had to undertake to finish school. We avoided letting his mother or brother find me.

I had only been there for about 24 hours before I awoke, but I hadn't slept yet in that world and I was becoming exhausted. I thought to myself that other people had worked harder and stayed awake longer than I, and surely I could last a few more hours without sleep. I thought about my horse riding abilities, and hoped I could stay on.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Driving out the snakes

Or rather, one long tan snake, a similarly colored, evil dog-weasel, and one cute little puppy, who we let back into the house after noticing that he was cute, not evil.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Many Dreams and One Real Experience from last night and this morning

READERS!: Guess which one of these entries actually happened to me in waking life and win fame!

I was walking up a street on a misty day. Out of the mist, a man with a dog on a leash came running at me. They passed without trouble and I kept walking. I crossed a street and out of the mist a car accelerated at me. I speed up and walked on.

Bowling Alley
Robin, Cindy, Cindy's boyfriend and I were at a bowling alley, but away from the lanes on a dance floor. Cindy was naked from just above her bellybutton up. We were all dancing, and I complimented Cindy on her nice body and skin and how bold she was to be naked, here, in the bowling alley. She left with her boyfriend and I left with Robin. Robin and I headed off to Portland.

Robin and I went to Portland and were hanging out in a large rec-room with our friends. A bunch of people were there, but besides us, only Ryan and Alyssa were recognizable. We had driven down, leaving Portland early, but we still arrived far earlier than we expected to. It was only 11am, and it seemed that far too little time had passed between when we left and when we arrived.

We had a bunch of random old films and were having a showing of them. I loaded one up into a projector but it wouldn't play correctly; the projection of it was not working. I tried another film and it worked. We watched it, and then Ryan and Alyssa showed a movie they had on VHS. They set it up on an old, boxy big screen tv. It was a foreign film with a song about Dragon Poo. The song kept using the word Eet. It turned out that Eet meant Dragon Poo, and they had found the name Eet, for their band, from this film, years ago.