Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Many Dreams and One Real Experience from last night and this morning

READERS!: Guess which one of these entries actually happened to me in waking life and win fame!

I was walking up a street on a misty day. Out of the mist, a man with a dog on a leash came running at me. They passed without trouble and I kept walking. I crossed a street and out of the mist a car accelerated at me. I speed up and walked on.

Bowling Alley
Robin, Cindy, Cindy's boyfriend and I were at a bowling alley, but away from the lanes on a dance floor. Cindy was naked from just above her bellybutton up. We were all dancing, and I complimented Cindy on her nice body and skin and how bold she was to be naked, here, in the bowling alley. She left with her boyfriend and I left with Robin. Robin and I headed off to Portland.

Robin and I went to Portland and were hanging out in a large rec-room with our friends. A bunch of people were there, but besides us, only Ryan and Alyssa were recognizable. We had driven down, leaving Portland early, but we still arrived far earlier than we expected to. It was only 11am, and it seemed that far too little time had passed between when we left and when we arrived.

We had a bunch of random old films and were having a showing of them. I loaded one up into a projector but it wouldn't play correctly; the projection of it was not working. I tried another film and it worked. We watched it, and then Ryan and Alyssa showed a movie they had on VHS. They set it up on an old, boxy big screen tv. It was a foreign film with a song about Dragon Poo. The song kept using the word Eet. It turned out that Eet meant Dragon Poo, and they had found the name Eet, for their band, from this film, years ago.


zenith said...

I bet mist was the real experience. Because if you were in Portland you would have called me!

Mimsy Buttons said...

Zenith wins!