Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chatting with T.

I was sitting in a living room of a large, Chicago-style apartment. I was sitting in a beanbag armchair, and diagonally across the sun-drenched room from me was T., sitting on a couch. We discussed the dearth of good grocery stores in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. I mentioned one that was just outside of the University of Chicago's safety bubble, and he pish-poshed my idea of where it was safe to walk around. He insisted that one could go well past 60th, all the way to 165th street without any real safety concerns. I complained about how I had wanted to buy a grocery-carrying cart for the past 5 years, and really needed one for about 3 of those years. Then I told him about how I found the Food 4 Less in the bad neighborhood once, and how E. and I had gotten a bit lost on the way and a gang of teens on a corner looked menacing to us, but we'd been in a car.

My mother came into the room and T.'s luggage became more apparent. She said that it was time for him to go to the airport and he started to get up. She joked that he could just toss his luggage out the window and collect it below rather than carry it down the apartment stairs. He jokingly gestured like he would, and she got worried. He laughed it off and they left.

I "woke up" in my apartment and talked with Lacey about dreams we'd been having. She showed me a photo slide-show on her computer of pictures she'd compiled to show her dreams rather than type them up. The scene was similar to in my previous dream, but the apartment was different, more of a Portland style place. There were also additional people there, including R.

I left her company and went to my coffee table in my rather dark living room to collect my computer to type up my dream. It had been left open and unplugged overnight, though it had gone to sleep, so it still had battery power. More bothersome was that it was bigger than my laptop should be - taller in the screen.

Note: Then I really woke up. This waking up in the dream sequence lacked any sense of creepiness that waking up in dreams and then waking up in life can sometimes have.

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