Sunday, December 29, 2013

Night of Dec 28/29th, Further Unstuck

A lot of activity and adventure, packed into one long, fluid dream. The order is a bit jumbled now though.

I was at a fancy house, and thirsty, so I dug through the drawers of the fridge, looking for a beverage. There were a few juice bottles and other items, but I didn't want to take the last of anything. I took a few sips of a grape juice bottle, and considered getting some water, but it was time to run on, so I and my companions ran out of the house.

We were in a university classroom, and a student was going to present on his recent research. I was going to sit with some graduate student friends, but first we needed to make sure there was an aisle that extended all the way to the back of the seating, so people could reach the refreshments table. One or two of them needed to scoot their chairs apart for that, and then I needed someone to move down a seat, so there would be room for me in the 2nd row from the back. It all worked out, though I never made it over to the refreshments. The student gave his talk, which passed quickly. I took a few swigs from a whiskey bottle, and then thought it would be classier to poor a serving into a little clear plastic cup I had, so I did. But I poured too much, and then decided not to drink any of it.

It was time to run again. I was with a team, a new member on an almost fully reconstituted work team from the previous year. We were led by the one continuing member, a man, who knew where we were to run, and the mission we were on. We were to break into a compound, and collect some important supplies. The supplies and the goal were a bit of a mystery though. We didn't have full instructions. We started running across a park in a small town. It was dark out, and the streets around us were full of cars and bike commuters. I could run fast, and though I mostly was bringing up the rear of the team's single file running, I could pass some of my teammates when I pushed to run faster. We traveled across the town quickly, slowing only at one street crossing, where cars stopped, but I had to more actively avoid the bicyclists. There was slushy, melting snow on the ground, and I thought to myself that I could use my bicycle to commute again now.

My team got ahead of me as I was crossing the street, and I lost track of where they had gone up the path. I considered turning around, and seeing if they'd doubled back, but then I started running up the jogging path. There was a small creek surrounded by trees on the left of the path, grass to the right, but up a ways, there was a plain warehouse building. As I ran forward, I noticed that my team was running back this way down the path, and then turned along side of the building, now running perpendicular to the path, towards a small door in the side of the building. The appeared to be being chased, so I cut diagonally across the field to catch up with them at the door. We got in to the warehouse, and took a break within. The wife of the team leader was there, and made a comment about how different the team was now, with a suggestion that the old team had been poorly composed. We picked up some large black garbage bags of supplies, and started up a ramp which led to some stairs, continuing our climb. At the top of the stairs, there was a landing where we could all pause. I briefly noted that this was a dream, and swam through the air to the ceiling, before descending back down to my team to continue our mission.

We went through the door into another room/land. This room's air was a little thicker, but not in a way that slowed us. We paused just inside the room though, to take stock and assess our goals. One of the bags we carried spilled some jelly beans on the floor, and I ate some red ones. They were good. Across the room, there were a couple young women in black leotards, stretching. They were aerial acrobats. One of my team members noted that it was not a solid career path, because their bodies would age and degrade right as they were reaching the peak of their careers, and then what would they do?  I realized that this room was actually underwater, and that we were breathing liquid air. I swam up to the top of the room, where a visible, but non-physical netting marked the end of the water, and the start of air. I surfaced, and found the air very difficult to breath. It was a little hard to swim back down, but I did, and then I pointed out the strangeness of the room to my team.

My team talked for a while, with a few small negative comments about our mission, and a few questions and discussion about where we were heading and what sorts of items we were to collect. A person who looked like a young girl was hovering to my right, and I noticed something peculiar about her. Somewhere in the conversation, someone mentioned the wearing of a mask, and she might have repeated it. She seemed annoyed, and then repeated the wearing a mask statement again. She opened a glass cabinet along the wall, and started to remove pieces of her head/mask. She was slowly revealing her true face, as the queen. No one else on my team seemed to notice yet, and I was aware that she was bothered by some of their flippant remarks about our mission.

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