Sunday, December 15, 2013

Dream Mess

I've been having a lot of not-quite-remembered dreams for the past few months. And then I've had some briefly-remembered dreams that I never got around to writing up here.

Sept. 10/11
I was wandering around in a place like the town I went to high school in in Wisconsin. People were doing things slower than I was used to - I wanted to walk quickly and my friends would stop and read all the signs and look at everything. I came to understand it was because there was nothing to do there, so there was no need to go faster to get somewhere that there was still nothing to do. I befriended a scraggly raccoon, but my slow companions pointed out sores on his shoulders. I suggested we release him in a big open field/land near where we were, but my friends weren't sure that would be safe.

Sept. 11/12
I had a really detailed dream of walking around in a building that was a "fixed up" high school / museum (in the off-season and in some sections of the building year-round.) From the outside, it was like any older high school, a big stone building, very early-1900s. But when I walked in, they had "restored" it to it's recently rediscovered pinkish-sand colored stone carved walls, like something out of ancient Egypt or the rose city of Petra. The carvings weren't particularly Egyptian though, they seemed older.

Of course, since the building doubled as a high school (which struck me as weird) they had up those thick glass protector walls that museums put in front of walls of ancient carved stone. After wandering around with Robin through a couple halls, we came to a door where people were lining up for guided tours through some of the back rooms where the conservators worked. I was concerned we'd have to purchase a ticket, but they just waved us into the group that was starting then. As we were about to go through the doors, I turned around to take a photo with my camera, and did so, but the flash was accidentally turned on. So then I fumbled with my camera for a few seconds to turn off my flash, as these three men, who had been caught in the flash photo walked towards me and made sure I understood that I shouldn't use flash. They were pretty beefy and wearing colorful striped robes over their bottoms, with a piece that came up over their shoulders... in a sort of Mayan take on an Egyptian guard look.

We followed the tour into a series of rooms that were more 19th century wood-lined large open rooms with lots of shelves and tables of stuff, and grey haired old man conservators working in various rooms and talking about the various artifacts they were studying. After a few photos here and there, we were led past a table being set with all sorts of delicious looking beverages and sweets. Most of it was for a fancy party or could be purchased or something, but as we left the room, the guide said that we each could have one of a particular sort of item, and picked up a blueberry topped white soft shortbread-like cookie and handed it to me to eat, which I did.

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