Sunday, December 15, 2013


Last night/this morning (eve of/ Dec. 15) I had a complex one, which I only remember bits of:

There were a lot of important people mingling, like they would at a business party. One person was favored to be in charge, but then I ended up in a small room with a handful of people, and a man who was more clearly going to be in charge. One person told of a dream they had had the previous night, that they were flying somewhere in a large, fancy airplane. And then another person said they had had the same experience. And the man who was going to be in charge (who looked like Wallace Shawn who played Vizzini in the Princess Bride) said that he too had had that dream, and that it had been a fleet of aircraft with each one of his elite group on one of the other planes. Everyone in the room had had that dream. With a look, he asked me to tell him his future, and I said that I can't always see that on a person, but then he grinned at it was written in light, shimmering blue across his teeth, and so I foretold of his coming to power and of happiness and success.  He didn't seem especially impressed by my reading though.

Later/seperately, I was in a large, airy gymnasium, and a high school friend, Shawn was running a food cart that was very tall. He was high up, so I was looking almost straight up to talk with him. The food cart menu was a many paged affair, carved lightly into sheets of tinfoil. S suggested that he could teach gym classes at my college, since he had experience teaching high school gym. I was dubious that he would have the right type of gym class experience for the weird classes taught at the college.

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