Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dec. 26th or 27th, Unstuck

Among many similar instances of getting almost-trapped and then pushing through to unstick myself in this fairly long dream, I was wandering around a science building on a university campus. It was done in blues and whites and had the "biology labs" scent of such buildings. I was trying to leave it, because I was trying to get somewhere. I entered a stairwell, that had a square, spiral staircase down to the ground floor. As I descended, the stairwell got narrower and narrower, and a young man joined me.

In many dreams, I would get stuck at this point, not able to move beyond a smaller and smaller location, but I pushed on, while talking to the guy, who asked me how to leave the space. I pushed on until we got to the bottom of the stairs, into a small room, with a double-paneled metal door with a library book drop built in to the center of it. I used my strength to pry up the first metal panel far enough that I could get through, and then I pushed out the outer metal panel, and escaped the building into the night. 

Many similar situations preceded or followed this one. There were also familiar "waiting for the bus in a dark city" scenes, but in this dream, the buses did come, and I was able to find money in my wallet, and when I didn't want to wait for the buses, I just walked somewhere else. I was unstuck.

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