Monday, December 23, 2013


I was on a university campus with the general path layout, but not topography nor quite the same buildings in parts, as my waking world one. I was walking from a park-like area (where in the waking world, there is a parking lot and a building), and through a set of buildings that used to be a test high school (very similar to waking world.) I turned around to look back at the park area, and up on a small rise, there was a large, predatory animal. It may or may not have swapped out with a grizzly bear for a short while, and then it faded away/left, and a giant brown furry beast, that I was calling something (not badger, but something close), but that was maybe like a large wolverine crossed with a large mountain lion. It had the overly muscled limbs and human-ish torso of mediocre computer animated beasts in Harry Potter or The Hunger Games, but hid a lot of the poor design with long, well brushed, chocolate brown fur.

One was on the rise, and then it was joined by another, and the grizzly bear stood around with them for a bit, but wasn't menacing in the same way. I dashed into the middle of the brick-paved courtyard between the test high school buildings, to a kiosk that had a single landline phone on the counter. I looked in a small directory book, to try to find the phone number for the appropriate agency on campus to alert.  A group of middle school children crowded around me, oblivious to the beasts' approach, wanting to use the phone for their own fun purposes. I successfully kept them at bay, while searching for the right number. Should I call a vet? were there animal control offices on campus? Nothing was showing up. This didn't seem like quite the appropriate thing to report to campus police.  For a minute while I was looking at the directory, I offered the phone to a girl to use while I couldn't use it, but she didn't take advantage of my offer quickly enough, so I took it back.

Without success at the phone, and being able to tell that the beasts were approaching, I ran onwards to the door to my building - which looked almost just like it does in the waking world. I punched in my key code, and opened the door, but while leaning across a railing, in a way that made me have to run around a ramp a bit extra to actually enter the building. **Despite this, I successfully evaded the beasts and made it indoors, where all the lights were out. I thought this was weird, and that something strange must be happening. I was only in the loading dock entrance though, so it might be localized. I dug out my key light, and produced enough light to make it down the short hall to the next door. As I reached that door, some people approached me. There was something going on, and I could either be a servant to their cause, or I'd be in trouble. I ran to escape them, by going into the heart of the building, which was a twist on the library building, with a few features/wings from past dream-libraries. For a while I wandered around interacting with people, learning about what was going on, alternating with just wandering around as if it were a normal day.

But then the pursuit became stronger,and I ran through the main reference area, with a momentary hint that this was a dream and a failed attempt to launch into flying (never mind the ceiling is pretty low in this part of the building). I ran to a strange wing that was all white, and had semi-hidden elevators down a long hall, thinking to escape to the upstairs. But as I reached the elevators, I turned around and could see a person standing still, staring, watching me, back at the hall's entrance, and I knew that they had people just watching where I was going all the time, so there was no point in trying this method of escape. I ran back at the person hoping to run him down.  I don't recall what happened at this point.

***I was back outside wandering around the courtyard, and there were campus police (primarily soft, blonde, middle-aged women) in light grey uniforms, carrying large guns in pursuit of the beasts roaming campus. That was good, but they still hadn't actually taken any out.

**Starting at this point, the order of events might be all out of whack.
***This section may be from before I entered the building, but I think it actually did come later.

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