Sunday, December 15, 2013

Delayed dream post 2

More backdated dreams

On the eve of Oct. 24, 2013, I had this one:

This morning between when my alarm clock first went off and when I actually got up, I had a very visually-detailed dream, in which this woman walked down a gravel path behind a house I was living in, with a thin, but long, light grey cat in a baby carrier. When she got near my house, the cat jumped out of the carrier and ran into the swampy field opposite my house, past the path. The cat encountered my cats in the hillocks of grass and muddy low parts, and they tussled and splashed mud all over. I ran out to intervene, and the woman ran over and grabbed her cat. My cats were all shiny and fluffy on their muddy perch in the mist. And I stood back to look at them. The lady had started dropping various stretches of crochet work around the muddy field, and I thought to myself that it was just making things messier. She turned to me and pointed out all the ivy and other weeds growing around the yard and closer to my house, ivy in the trees and growing on the back of my house. She said I should clean that all up and then things would look good and the crochet work would make the place beautiful. I said something about how I was only renting so I didn't care about the ivy, and when she gave me stink eye for that, I said I was a perfectionist with ivy, so if I started pulling it out, it would be a gigantic project.

Nov. 16/17
In addition to a variety of increasingly positive (they started out a little freaky, but got more fun as the night went on), weird adventures in my dreams last night, at one point I was laying on the back of a blue airplane flown by "Bonjour Airlines" holding on like Atreyu riding Falcor, watching some crazy futuristic city landscapes pass underneath.

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