Friday, December 7, 2007

Swimming through alternate realities

I'm at a large swimming pool, full of people, but I only really notice one of them. He's in a black shorts-style bathing suit, which matches my black bikini. He's in the pool, and I dive past him and swim a bit. I turn around and talk to him from across the pool. We swim a bit more and then I "awake". I'm in my bed, Robin's in the shower getting ready for the day. I'm about to get up and make some coffee for us, but I lie there for a minute thinking about the swimming I did the previous day, and about how I'm going to go swimming again this afternoon. I am super excited to go swimming again. And then, this evening I'm going to follow that up with a trip to the Banya (a Russian bathhouse... a reputable one!).

Then I really wake up, and Robin wakes up with about 7 minutes to get out the door. I make no coffee, but I lay in bed. I'm not going swimming because I don't have a pool that I like. I'm a bit annoyed, but I'm probably really going to the Banya tonight.

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