Sunday, December 16, 2007


A science teacher decides that my class should try out some sensory deprivation experiments. There are 3, each for 3 people in the class to try, and the one I choose to do involves spending 3 days in a metal sphere, in the dark with 2 of my classmates. We can bring a bag of things to keep ourselves entertained, but our main mission is to lay inside on the platform-seat that goes around the entire inside's edge and experience the sphere. After 3 days we will have started to use up the oxygen in the sphere, so the next part of the experiment is to see if we can get to the end of a long corridor off of the sphere (an airlock), decompress, and then get out of the sphere.

I'm not sure what the other 2 options were anymore, but at some point I did know that one of them was very similar, but perhaps in a bunker either under the sea, or in the ground, or in space... though I'm not positive. Somehow it seemed a little more risky than the one I decided to do. It also was the 2nd experiment to run, so I would have had to wait 3 days before I could do it.

I and two other women packed up our bags and were escorted by the class to the sphere. We got a tour of it with the class before everyone else left and sealed us in. One of the two girls had a disposable, green camera, and I wished for a minute that I could go grab my camera. But then I thought to myself, "what am I going to take pictures of, the dark?" We all wore bathing suits, and I snuck a little piece of clear tape in with me on my finger.

The days went by quickly. Someone brought a board game - it looked like a cross between Scrabble, Monopoly, and Parcheesi - but we never felt like playing it. Instead, I used its box as a sneaky place to store my piece of tape. It marked where I was. We all lay down and drifted off into trance-like dreams. Over the course of a few days we would individually wake up and see each other lying there. After a few minutes we would lay back down. After a while I started to think that it was probably time for us to try to get out, but my spheremates were enjoying the experience too much. I didn't worry about it and continued to lay there.

Then a bunch of our other classmates started coming in and visiting us. They brought little streaks of light with them, making the sphere a tiny bit brighter. I couldn't understand how they were getting in without ruining the seal of the airlock, but it seems that the airlock must have just been functioning properly unlike my thinking abilities in my dream.

They didn't try to bring us out, but we started discussing when to leave. I thought that we should leave very early in the morning so that the decompression chamber wouldn't be closed for the night, but the paparazzi would still be asleep.

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