Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Amore Messiah

I was on a quest. I had run around the world finding phone booth shaped boxes that held special powers of travel (somewhat like the Dr.'s Tardis, but weaker). I had found 14 of 15 boxes and was now seeking the final one. My world was hilly and forested, though in some places the trees lined up and turned into living bookshelves, creating a library.

The final box was hidden within a distant star. I and my companion traveled to a powerful being's lair, a giant hanger-sized room of pitch black night, with all the stars in the universe spread across the ceiling. In this room we could sort through the stars to find the box. The being who lived there did not mind our presence, but did not want to mingle with us. We found a vaguely illuminated trunk filled with thin books at the far end of the room. Within one of the books was the clue to which star to pick. I pulled out the books one by one, piling them into my lap and my companion stated whether it was the correct one. In this manner we sorted through billions of stars in a few minutes.

I had found the 15th box and we had control over them, but an evil threatened us and the universe. There were four of us leading my side and a swarm of corporate drones working for the other. A conference of CEOs was being held in a cafeteria at the end of the world and we were too close to it. We sneaked past them, and out into a glade on the edge of the forests and tree-libraries. One of my companions had 15 little shortbread cookies, the size of backgammon pieces, and he gave each of us a few. We had to eat them one by one, and revisit each of the boxes to activate them and then we would be stronger than the drones. I went to the closest box (which now looked like a microwave), opened the door and ate one. The biscuit melted in my mouth and I thought the words "Amore Messiah".

I ran around to another box located up in a bamboo watch tower. The words continued to echo in my head. I had one biscuit left and I knew that my companions had visited all of their locations. I ate the biscuit, knowing that its being eaten would not negatively effect its being activated when I reached the box. I ran through a library forest and met up with my companions. I couldn't see the final box, but it was near enough. We stood in a square, about 2 meters from each other, with other followers gathering around. The four of us started jumping slowly, hovering in mid-air and dropping back down in a delayed manner. We would jump up and then lean back in the air in an arch and then sink back down to land on our feet. The chanting of "Amore Messiah" filled the air.

Note: This is one of my only dreams, ever, in which a saying in the dream is both remembered and at all understandable upon waking. Even more impressive to me is that I had this dream in the middle of the night, awoke, and then went back to a dreamless sleep for hours before awaking again still holding the memory of this dream.

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