Thursday, December 27, 2007

No, I actually haven't seen any vampire movies lately... and yes I waited far too long after I woke up to type this up

Vampires were all over the place and a few people and I were trying to escape them. We ran around in a building a few times. There was a little girl who was about 5 years old who was with us. We used her for bait at one point, but she wasn't hurt despite 2 huge bites to her torso. Once, while running from a group of vampires, I tried to open a door, and it started revealing a very thick wall. I decided against going that way, knowing that those doorways in my dreams always lead to boring mires, places where I get stuck doing silly things and from which I rarely return to the meat of my dreams. I did not however, consider the fact that I was dreaming.

At one point while outside, I climbed up a sturdy, but shabbily built wood structure to escape the reach of a hoard of vampires, and while I was up there for a minute, I had the thought that it might not be so bad to become a vampire so I jumped down into the crowd, but there was a non-vampire wild dog there that almost got me - it would have just killed me (and not turned me into a vampire) so I had to scramble away so that the dog couldn't get me before the vampires could and then somehow I avoided being caught by the vampires. I think the vampires set on the dog to turn it into a vampire-dog... they were definitely doing this for my benefit too. I got the impression, that much like zombies, they had no real interest in the dog.

After I avoided the vampires I wandered down a hallway and ran into a mean vampire. He showed me that they had caught and turned the little girl. I was a bit angry with him, but not overly so.

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