Wednesday, December 19, 2007

2 Women in Pink

2 women followed me around for hours in my dream, despite having nothing to do with any of the other events in my dream. The were both wearing pink sweaters, and were older than me. The older of the two didn't do much other than stay next to the younger one. I went lots of places and did many things, but if I turned around, or peered into corners I would see that they were still following me. I would smile at them to show that I saw them there, and the younger of the two would smile back. They didn't seem threatening, but they were definitely stalking me.

The only time they didn't just follow me was when I wandered into a bathroom. The bathroom was a narrow hall, with stalls on the left side as you walked in. The floor slanted downwards and as the user walked in, looking for a stall to use, they also proceeded down into an underground building via this slanting hallway. The first stretch of hall was about 10 toilet stalls long, then it turned to the right with a flat section about 3 stalls long. It switched back to the right again for a longer ramp section, perhaps 20 stalls long and then switched back again to continue down into the depths of the earth for an undetermined distance. The first 13 stalls were filthy, so I walked right by them to the first full switchback. When I went into the very narrow stall (both of my shoulders brushed the walls) I turned around to close the door. At this point I saw the women coming around the first turn. They saw me, and the toilets (which were pretty damn gross) and turned around and went back outside. They were waiting near the exit when I left.

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