Monday, January 7, 2008

Clearly, my New Year's resolution was to write here daily...

And I've had some exciting adventure dreams... but nothing that lasted enough upon waking to be worth writing up. Last night however, I had a dream that I recall. It was super-exciting. Yeah...

I'm in a suburban house, of the housing-development variety - white walls, beige carpet, big bathrooms, etc. It's not brand new though, so it has a vague sense of character. It seems to be a recurring dream-house, as upon waking I realized that the floor-plan was identical to that of a house in a dream a few months ago. This is pretty rare for house insides, most of the time houses in my dreams are slight variations on other houses, but not virtually identical.

The main feature of this floor plan was the placement of two main-floor bathrooms. (And by main-floor, I don't mean to imply that there were other levels in this house, I don't believe there were. There may have been a third bathroom off a master bedroom however, though I never saw it. Behind the living room there was a hallway which went left to the main bathroom, right to the spare bathroom, and nowhere else.

Wandering down the short hall to the main bathroom, I found that someone's skiing gear was hanging in the shower. The biggest item was a large backpack, and a draining Camelback insert. An invisible entity informed me that I was working in this house, for the horrible family I used to work for in waking life. And, my job now included cleaning the bathrooms. Something showed me around the other bathroom, which had 2 or 3 stalls and a sink + mirror set up, and back to the main bathroom with the tub/shower a regular toilette and a large counter with a sink in front of a mirror. The far corner wall probably had windows in it (over the toilet) as the room's illumination originated there. The whole house had a light grayish tone, as if lit by indirect morning sunlight.

I started puttering around to ascertain what type of cleaning the bathrooms needed, but besides the stuff hanging out to dry in the shower, it was very neat and tidy.

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