Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A week ago or so... Nose Interior

I was looking in a mirror, up my nose. It functioned like a mini telescoping camera used in surgeries. Upon looking into my nose I saw the familiar outer cavities. I looked up one nostril, which had a small amount of snot it in, and looked back to the top of that hole. There was a clean, fleshy area with a honeycomb*-like valve to another cavity. I looked through that valve into the cavity and found that it was also connected to the other nostril via another honeycomb valve. At the top of this cavity (which was clean and fleshy also), there was another honeycomb valve to another cavity. I believe that it was the final cavity before entering the throat. Viewing this made me think about stuffed up noses and I believed that I was now aware of how they happened.

*Like the cereal (or real honeycomb but mostly like the cereal in appearance) except that it was pink, fleshy, and pulsing like a heart beating.

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