Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More Hovering

(Much more happened prior to this, but I waited too long to type this up)

I walked down a driveway into a large mall parking lot. Cars were lined up along the switch-backing drive slowly making their way into the lot. Green shrubs filled the space on the sides of the drive. It was a gray day, the greenery was dark, the road and lot were the dark gray of pavement, the mall was a grayish beige, and on the right.

To get past the cars faster, I lifted up my legs, put my weight on my elbows and hovered down to the mall. I thought to myself, "I guess there are times that I can hover when I'm awake," as I did so.

I reached the mall and went inside. There was a small lobby area with two stores that opened off of it. One was a bridal shop full of typical bridal dresses. The other was supposed to be a Nordstrom's Rack. I walked past the dress shop into the Rack and found it full of giant rugs. They were super cheap, but I didn't really know where I would put one in my home so I didn't buy any.

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