Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Two nights of poorly written up dreams

Night of Sat/Sun, May 26/27

1. We were vacationing in a nature preserve. It started in the woods, but went out over a shallow, calm ocean. We hiked out on a boardwalk/wooden platform walk for a long time, and finally reached a small visitor-info and hotel island, but it's just a rest stop with visitor info and a bathroom. The hotel had disappeared. We paused there and looked at a map and saw that we could continue out over the water, but that it would never reach land again, it dead ends out over the ocean. So we're going to have to head back. The sun is setting and it gets dark, and I worry about seeing our way back on the narrow walkway.

2. Driving in van, but behind drivers seat, can't reach pedals. Get stuck in giant ruts on dirt road, get out to group-lift it out of ruts, kajigger the back end and it bounces and becomes a better-suspension-having subaru outback. Get back into van, still can't reach pedals.

Night of Sun/Mon, May 27/28 (Memorial Day)

We check into a hotel, where I had long ago booked a room for a conference. We have our cats with us, and the room doesn't seem cat friendly, even though they checked us in. There's a balcony that looks out on a river, and the bannister doesn't seem safe for the cats. The river is rushing, and the cats are curious. I want to change hotels, to one that is more cat friendly.

I'm in a dark mall, near the hotel, where my conference is taking place. Brother A is there. I use the bathrooms, which are a bit weird. I run into A outside of them and we walk, perhaps in the direction of the hotel again.

I'm at a dinner, and there are tables of food, and I'm in front of one with many platters of skewers. I'm looking at them trying to decide what looks good to eat, and I touch one, to get a better look at its contents. Right when I notice a small pink shrimp on one end and decide to not take it, a woman comes up and is pleased that I've chosen the thing she's responsible for. So I have to take it. Next/later there's a fancy dessert table. I'm thirsty and interested in fresh fruit, but there is none. Just dry biscuits spread with chocolate ganache and bowls of mixed nuts. I'm looking at this, and scooping some onto a plate, when a fancy lady says, "A-mond fruits" (like almonds, but pronounced eh-monds)

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