Sunday, May 19, 2013

Night of Sat/Sun, May 18-19

Travel and waiting, travel and waiting. I was at an event, but it was preparatory for more travel and another event. We were transporting a large vehicle of some sort... perhaps towing a boat, or driving a boat, maybe on the water or on the road. We had stopped at a large mall slash hotel place and parked part of our transport in an open-air parking complex nearby, and I had spent time in a hotel room. We were coming back here to spend more time, but first we had to deliver the vehicle, or maybe its cargo.

I dressed for a party in the dimly lit hotel room. My things were in the leftside drawers of a long, low dresser. I left and got in an elevator with a number of people. It was crowded. It stopped at the incorrect floor for me, but most people were exiting, and I decided I'd just walk the extra distance, so I exited and walked across an open-air mostly-cement structure, up some cement stairs approaching where my vehicle was in the parking structure.

A tall, menacing gangster in a long cape with a bit of a hip flare to him and two henchmen approached me in a fairly open space before the main parking area. They demanded the money I was carrying, and I dug into my two front pockets of my dress to give them all of the coins in them, hoping that they'd ignore the lump of my wallet in my back right pocket. I gave them the coins, and then lay down on the pavement face down, worrying about my wallet. After I laid down though, the bad guys were replaced or pushed out by a tall, similarly-flowing-20s-gangster-suit-dressed super slender woman who held no ill-will towards me. The henchmen were replaced by a large group of average looking adults arranged in a diagonal grid, as if they were about to engage in a fancy choreographed group dance.

One of the people in the group, near me, was D (RIP), with his hair cut short in the style of his weekly haircut [of last night's dream]. He was stuck in this group, in a form of purgatory - not unpleasant, just unfinished/unending, but temporary in that it can be passed through when one is ready.

There was a sense of enlightenment/nirvana/white patterns on the edge of the whole... but it was just beyond most people's grasp/awareness. There was the whole, but this was additional. I could see and touch the manifestation of enlightenment, but it was somehow exterior or additional to what most were aware of. It seemed obvious, and weird to be exterior.

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