Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Guest Dreamer: BGL

It involved me and a couple of mom friends of mine, and finding ourselves (and our babies) involved in some sort of "game" with some rowdy bandits, where in order to get your car back from them (for they had grabbed the car keys right out of the car) to get your keys back, you had to win them back. In order to do that, you had to grab some keys at random out of a hat, and then figure out which car they were for, before anyone else did. It was out in a field or the woods or something, and there were about 100 cars all parked at random. It was like "Fast and Furious" where there were all these ghetto gangsters, and their sexy ladies... also kind of like a car show, only the cars were not of "car show quality".

I looked at the keys that I had grabbed and they had a little emblem on them (of some imaginary make of car) and then I looked around before they blew the whistle to start, and saw a car with the same emblem on it, parked near to me and my mom friends and our babies. When the whistle blew, I ran right to it, put the key in the ignition and started the car, before anyone else even got to the other cars. Apparently, that car belonged to one of the ghetto gangster bandit leaders, and he thought I had cheated somehow in figuring out the right key to the right car, and was all angry... the other ghetto gangster bandit leader was fair however, and held his compadre back from attacking me... and was impressed that I knew how to figure out this task... and he let us have our car back and leave.

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Bethany Loehrke said...

it was so strange....I think the strangest part in my mind, was all the moms and babies who were there. Weird.