Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Morning Shorts

Between 7am and 9:30am I had a bunch of little dreams. I only recall little bits of them.

1. I was on a sloping mountain road, biking down the side of a mountain, from near the top of it. Some guy was there, some other people were with me. I had to stop to do something, the guy caught up with us, and I chatted with the guy for a minute. While I was talking with him, I realized I could fly, so I sort of started to take off.

2. I was watching a scene taking place on the bridge of Star Trek Deep Space 9. The crew was the crew of The Next Generation though, and Worf was wearing a purple suit, with a white shirt, black bow tie, and big, hipster, black-rimmed glasses. Dr. Who (10th Doctor) ran through the room and sat down at a computer. Rickie was with him.

3. I was in my house (pretty close approximation of the house I currently live in). It was a grey day outside, like early fall, however inside, there was copious, warm sunlight pouring in through the Southwest facing windows as if it was early summer. A number of people were there with me, though through the course of the dream the people and the number of people changed quite a bit. A large raven with rich blue feathers (and some black feathers) hopped into the house. We tried to track it and chase it out of the house, and succeeded in trapping it in my bedroom.  It sat up on a little storage loft over my closet and hung out for a while while we thought about how to get it back outside.  Some strange little goopy man, about the length of my hand dropped from the ceiling on the opposite corner of the room. He was spidery and cookie-doughy all at once, and I was glad he scurried out of the house quickly. I went over to that part of the room and saw that it had formed out of some raw cookie dough that I had accidentally sprayed on the ceiling there months ago. There were some little strings of fishing wire that hung down from the ceiling and from them, two or three chocolate chip cookies were hanging, having formed when the sunlight melted and cooked the dough that had over-wintered on the ceiling. I was relieved to see that no other goopy men had formed.

A couple friends and I managed to circle the raven and the raven hopped down the stairs out of my room and towards the front door. I was trying to figure out how I would get a pillowcase over the raven to bag it so I could make sure it went outside, when the raven grew a long neck and turned into a bald-necked but otherwise similarly dark blue and black feathered turkey.

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