Wednesday, February 16, 2011

TV Watching

In my dream, I had a dream about Saved By The Bell. I wasn't participating in the show, but I wasn't just watching either. My perspective was as a person in the room.

Teenaged Antonio Banderas had a guest spot on the show, and he and the regular cast were in a small room with a mini two-row riser stand for a choir. They were just coming into the room, as if between class periods and getting ready for this new class. They mingled about, talking. Antonio flipped his hair around.

Then I "woke up" and tried to tell a friend about how Teenaged Antonio Banderas was in my dream. I thought about typing it up on blogger, but first I had other things I had to do... like prop a half-door in the frame of the bathroom door.

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Anonymous said...

He is always in my dreams.