Monday, October 27, 2008

Renter's Insurance

I was wandering around town when I heard that Michael A. had been talking about me. I don't think it was anything bad, but I decided to go pay him a visit. It would be a very convenient visit because I had to renew my renter's insurance, and he was a new junior-agent at my insurance company's sales office in a little strip mall. I drove over in my Toyota Corolla [a car I had over 4 years ago] and went in.

There were 4 insurance agents, 3 of them were older-middle-aged fat white men, and the 4th was Michael. Their desks all faced an open space in the middle of the room, two along each side wall. Michael was in the one closest to me on my right. An older woman who was a bit crazy sat down in front of him first, but he didn't have the right computer program for her needs, so she crossed the little open space to sit down in front of the senior sales agent at the front left desk.

I sat down to talk with Michael and asked him about my insurance policy. He said that his computer didn't have the ability to look it up, so if I didn't have my paperwork with me, I could either talk with one of the other men, or I should go get it from home. I decided it would take just as long to wait for the other men to be done with their clients, so I went out to my car to make sure I had my house keys, and then started walking towards home. Michael came with me for the walk.

We walked up the dead-end street as it started to climb a tree covered hill. Then we were in a building that was very dorm like. Other people had their doors cracked to their rooms and we got a few glimpses into them. In one there was a large young woman with long wavy blonde hair in a bathing suit, rolling around on the floor. I knew it was about 6:30am but Michael said it was about 9am. He said that he needed to deploy with his unit soon.

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