Sunday, October 12, 2008

Christmas Visiting

I was at my future in-law's house for some holiday, possibly Christmas. I was trying to get information from them about something, but then I found out that my future grandmother-in-law was in a hospital and very ill. My in-laws got upset and bustled around the house trying to get their things together so they could go visit her. They took a while though, and when they went outside into the dark of the night, they didn't go straight for their car. Then, they were in their car, but not driving to visit her. They hadn't left, but they pulled back into the property in the car and all piled out. I asked why they weren't going to visit her already, and they were confused. They started getting ready to go again, but then other relatives started arriving with piles of baked goods. I took that to indicate that my future grandmother-in-law had passed away. My future mother-in-law was upset. I received the guests and the baked goods looked tempting.

I wandered around the house away from the mourners. Many of my friends were in town to visit for the holidays too, and they were staying here as well. Two of my friends in a long distance relationship that's on the rocks met up. They didn't see that I was in the loft, when they started making out. I dropped to the ground so they wouldn't see me if they looked up. They disappeared into a back room and closed the door. I got up and arranged some of the couches and chairs to make more bed-space for my other visiting friends.

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