Sunday, November 2, 2008

Bio-electric Flashlights and the Royal Swim

I was sleeping in a bed and awoke to the radio, knowing that I had won a competition of sorts, having been chosen to join the others at the Swim.

I went to the Swim, held in a large outdoor pool, just after twilight. Everyone else there were famous, perhaps royalty, and we all stood in a crowd on the cement near the deep end. Jack Nicholson was swimming in the pool, diving to different depths wearing a snorkel. A health-advisor/coach/lifeguard talked to him when he came up to the surface. "It's been confirmed. Diving in deep water negatively effects your bloodpressure, strains your clogged arteries, and significantly raises your chance of heart attack." We now all knew to swim only near the surface.

A few of us jumped into the water and were given a 1 foot pole that (connected by usb) snapped into a carved out section of a 6 foot pole that ended at a cone with a light in it that shone out when powered by the small pole. The small pole was a type of living creature that provided electricity to the flashlight function. I was concerned about being electrocuted while plugging this in while in the water, but I was reassured that it was perfectly safe and waterproof.

It was. Dozens more people joined us in the pool, and we all swam down the length of the pool to the shallow end. We stood in the shallow end with our bio-electric torches and scanned the landscape. A tall and attractive swimmer beckoned that we go up a hill to our left. We followed his direction, storming the hill.

As we climbed the hill, we slowed and enjoyed the walk. The hill housed a luxury spa. We passed a hot tub full of people and continued along on what had become a nice winding path. At the top of the hill, there was nothing much to do, but just over the crest there was something going on that attracted us. Some people slid on their feet down a little dirt hill that was being gardened. A gardener frantically protected their large cabage growing near the bottom. I contemplated sliding down the hill too, but the two women who slid down before me took separate paths and smoothed out the whole area. I had bare feet, and didn't want to slide too quickly, so I walked around the side of the tiny hill-garden via another little path.

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