Saturday, May 3, 2008

Traveling Night

1. I was in a large station, similar to the big train station in Chicago (Union Station), but it was a spaceport. I was chosen to be part of a team of 9 people who were going on a one-way trip to deep space. Earth was not presently doomed, but we were intended to be part of a mission to get people off of the planet so that if Earth died or was destroyed there would be humans elsewhere.

We were allowed to bring four suitcases or items, but each item had size limits: two suitcases about 2x3ft, and then two larger items. One of the men going on the trip had a large silver motorcycle that he intended to ride in space. It was kind of awesome.

I spent much of the time running around trying to make sure I was packing the things I really wanted. At one point I exited the building, and had to show a passport to re-enter. I had someone else's passport, but her photo was so blurry, dark and zoomed in on her face that I could pass as her. I did worry about later though, when I would have my own passport and go by the same border guards.

2. I was going to go on a flight to the East Coast with my friend Roman. After we got there, we would have connecting flights to different places, but we had planned our plane tickets to fly together for the first leg of the commute. We were trying to get to the airport, but public transit was not cooperating. Bus #1, an automated bus (with no driver) drove up to our stop and we got on. The bus was full of dirty bums and spilled food. We sat near the front, and a man started talking to us. I just nodded along, but Roman got more involved in the discussion. The man was mean and gross. He harassed us about some leftovers we were carrying from dinner. We decided to get off that bus and catch the next bus that would come along (many different bus lines would take us to the right place) but the mean bum followed us off the bus and tried to make sure we stayed on the bus with him. I resisted getting back on the bus, but Roman went so I followed.

3. Not traveling, but part of another dream:
I saw 3 non-furry caterpillars writhing on the floor. They were disgusting and I considered squishing them, but instead I got a tissue and picked two of them up and tossed them far away outside of the building into some nice grass. I didn't want to pick up the last one, because it was so gross to touch, but I did, and tossed it out too.

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