Monday, May 19, 2008

Denying God Again

I was being chased by many people, from many directions, all for the same purpose. They wanted to capture me. But this stemmed from fuzzy parts of earlier occurrences in my dream. I evaded them for the moment, and was wandering up a residential street in a city similar to Portland.

Small craftsman houses lined the streets. There were nice sidewalks, small trees, wide, carfree streets, and it was a cloudy gray day.

Ahead of me, the street went up a steep hill. I started to walk up it, and the houses and street changed into the interior of a large room. The floor was flat, but the ceiling angled up parallel to the angle at which the street had climbed. At the lower end, where I was, the ceiling almost touched the floor. A piece of purple yarn was strung along the wall, about a foot below the ceiling line, making the same angled climb up to a ledge where another level of the building was. I took hold of the yarn, and started to climb up it towards the next ledge.

As I climbed the purple yarn, I realized that humanity needed to colonize space to ensure its survival. And as I reached the end of the yarn, and found that there was not a chocolate and colored sprinkles cake donut capping the end of the line, I became sure of the fact that no gods exist.

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