Saturday, May 24, 2008

Food and Drink

I was driving around Portland with friends. A man was driving the car, Robin was a front-seat passenger, I was riding bitch, and to my right were Ryan and Alyssa. The backseat was just wide enough (and had enough seatbelts) to allow for 5 passengers, and the front, while meant for two, had a third seat in the middle that could be used if we needed it. We were waiting on our friends who would take the other two left side back seats.

We went to a corner store that was a bit like an old-timey general store. They had a fantastic selection of nice booze.

Later, I was driving around with my dad (he was driving and I was riding shot-gun) and we were on our way to a party with my friends. We had to stop by the corner store, so I directed him to it. He took an odd shortcut that just avoided going around one corner with a high curb, by going over the property on that curb.

We went into the store, and had some trouble locating the booze at first, but then we found it in the back of the store. On top of the low shelves that held the fancy little bottles (like maple syrup bottles) of fancy booze, there were a few little plates that were designed for oven-baking your pancakes. They seemed very clever, and I considered buying a few. Two of them had free samples in them of just cooked little pancakes. They were fancy flavors, and I cut them up and my dad and I tasted tested both of them (the whole pancakes). I worried a little that we'd been greedy, but then a woman who worked in the shop came to the back of the store with her arms full of 3 fancy pancake concoctions she had just made and entreated us to eat them.

Two of the pancakes were fairly normal, but quite large, and possibly filled with fruit or chocolate. The third was crepe-like, except in a quesadilla way. The thin pancakes were lying flat, one on the bottom, then topped with some pudding and strange grain stalks (like miniature cattails (the plant)) that radiated out from the center with the fuzzy bits coming out the edges, and then topped with another crepe. I cut a wedge of it, and picked it up, having to roll it a bit so it wouldn't make a mess. I took a few bites, having to readjust my hold each time. The pancake and pudding portion was tasty, and the grain-stalks didn't taste like much. They were a bit difficult to eat though, like very thin asparagus that had gone a bit past ripe to a wood-like state.

I discovered that I had eaten all of the pancake and pudding and only had some cattail-like stalks left in my hands. I felt obliged to eat them out of politeness, but I was looking at them and pulling tufts of hair from the tips. I showed the shop-woman it and she smiled at me. I kept eating, as she asked if it tasted alright repeatedly.

Later I was in a big room with friends, including people I haven't talked to in years. Plenty happened there, and computers and video games were involved... but I don't recall the details.

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