Sunday, December 16, 2012


In the middle of a much longer, fairly involved dream, I ended up in a public bathroom... possibly at a college or high school. I was in a large stall that was three toilet-stalls big... which was awkward, but not really. None of us were actively using the toilets. I was on the left (with my back to the toilet, front to the stall door) and directly to my right, a man was sitting in a wheelchair, and to his right, there were two women chatting in the third "stall" area. I had to go over to where the two women were, so I did that and grabbed something (maybe a roll of tp) and then went back to my space.  I said something to the fellow in the middle to excuse climbing over him, and he said something back. He was strapped into a sleek, but basic wheelchair, was dressed in a fairly goth style, and some goth music, maybe Sisters of Mercy or similar, radiated out from him. I felt strongly attracted to him, and needed to talk to him more.

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