Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dress from two nights ago

In the middle of a long, elaborate dream, I was trying to stall some people from taking me away somewhere that I didn't want to go. So I insisted on getting properly dressed and went up some stairs to a room where I could change.

I put on a plain, dark, button up blouse, and then a very full, dark grey wool skirt, that billowed out over my hips in thick warm folds that continued down to my feet. I had been given a gift from the people who were taking me away, and so I put it on over this - a coat made of the most luxurious, soft, long, pig fur. It was brown and well combed. It was quite fitted, and was tight to button over my blouse. At the top of my skirt, it spread out over the back of my skirts, but wouldn't close over the front. I determined that this was how it was meant to fit, leaving the front of my skirts viewable.

I awoke before I could go anywhere in this magnificent outfit.

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