Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Boating and Desserts

[Definitely inspired by the book I'm reading right now.]

I was on a dark, glassy lake, in a small boat. I was with a few other women, maybe 2. We landed at a house into which the lake flowed. Getting out of the boat, into this somewhat open air dining room, we found a table heaped with desserts. The deep dark blue of the lake and the dark brown wood of the room's walls were echoed in the desserts: chocolate cakes, and dark trifles made with vanilla cake and raspberries, but swimming in thick blueberry juice and topped with heaps of whipped cream with shaved chocolate.

I leaned over the table to serve myself and got whipped cream all over my gray sweater. I moved to another part of the table and repeated this mess making process.

I paused in trying to get dessert, and my sweater was clean. I and one of the other women looked at little models of an innovative type of sailboat with curved spars. We considered having one. If we had taken the model, it would have turned into a full-scale ship.

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